Black Republican senator dismisses Biden’s congressional speech: America is not racist, Biden is dividing

The Daily Mail reported on April 29 that Joe Biden gave his first speech to the U.S. Congress on April 28, and that black Republican Senator Tim Scott, who represents Republicans, responded to Biden’s speech by emphasizing that the United States “is not a racist country” and that Biden is tearing America apart.

Scott, the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate, devoted a large portion of his speech to race. He recalled, “I know what it’s like to be stopped for no reason, to be followed in a store, and my grandfather would sit at the table every morning and read the newspaper, and then I found out that he couldn’t read at all and was just trying to set the right example. And I have experienced intolerance, progressives and liberals referring to me as an Uncle Tom and a nigger! “

Scott believes that Democrats are now teaching white children that whites are “oppressors” and that this is racist. He said, “America is not a racist country, and it’s regressive to fight discrimination with different discrimination. It’s wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly manipulate the current debate.”

The South Carolina Republican said at the U.S. Capitol that Biden ‘seemed like a nice guy and the speech was full of nice things to say. But Biden’s promise to unite America and govern for all Americans, as one just heard again, is what Biden stands for. But what America craves is not empty platitudes. “Scott accused Biden and the Democrats of ‘dividing Americans further.”

Scott pointed out that last year, the Republican White House and Senate, working with the Democratic House, passed a series of bipartisan-supported bills for the Communist Party’s viral bailout. All five bills received 90 or more votes in the Senate, finding common ground that U.S. jobs are picking up thanks to bipartisan cooperation last year.

Scott slammed Biden for passing his $1.9 trillion Communist Party of China viral relief bill by playing by the rules with only Democratic votes. Scott said, “The Chinese Communist virus has united Congress five times, but this administration is dividing Congress.”

The Republican senator said Americans are feeling ‘divided and anxious’ because Biden, who promised to unite the country, is using the issue of race to divide the American people by moving forward with various important bills that will divide the U.S. Congress alone.