Zhao Wei was frozen equity involving 2.726 million yuan

Mainland actress Zhao Wei has recently had her shareholding frozen, involving three companies including Beijing Princesse Culture Communication Co.

On April 29, the official microblogging site of Tianwei said that recently, the mainland actress Zhao Wei had her shares frozen, and the companies subject to the freeze were Beijing Prinseth Culture Communication Co.

The posting also said that Beijing Prinseth Culture Communication Co., Ltd, established in November 2002, with a legal representative Wei Qiying, with a capital injection of 3 million, whose largest shareholder is Zhao Wei, holding 70% of the shares; Longxuxin (Beijing) Trading Co. Ltd. was established in November 2014, with Yang Jianping as the legal representative and a capital injection of 1.26 million, with Zhao Wei holding 10% of the shares.

According to public information, Wei Qiying is Zhao Wei’s mother.

The matter triggered a microblogging debate, some netizens said “a few million also reported, not hundreds of millions are not to see ah.” “Equity and real money is not the same thing, I think it should not matter to her.” “People earn it back in two or three days.” “Just one episode of the film pay.” “The star’s millions are like a few hundred of us ordinary people.”

Many other netizens took this opportunity to mention another female star Zheng Shuang. “Shuangzi 77 days 160 million. You look down on Zhao Wei?” “This is only a few cool … a cool (a day) on more than 2 million.”

It is reported that after the surrogacy controversy, Zheng Shuang recently fell into the “tax evasion” scandal, April 26, was reported by his ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng signed a “yin and yang contract”, splitting income to get “sky-high film pay”, tax evasion and so on. The former boyfriend, Zhang Heng, reported on April 26 that he had signed a “yin and yang contract”, split his income to obtain “sky-high movie pay”, and evaded taxes. The Chinese Communist Party’s Taxation Bureau and Broadcasting Bureau have launched an investigation.