Wuhan school post-doctorate because of the set of loans to kill themselves, netizens stifled

On April 28, “Wuhan school post-doctoral students killed themselves because of lucrative loans”, on the microblogging hot search. The so-called “lending” refers to the name of private lending, to induce or force the victim to sign a “loan” and other agreements, and then through the set up, means, so that the borrower can not pay back the money. Many people, because of the set of loans, and on the road to extinction.

The post-doctoral student in Wuhan, who was reported to have borrowed money on the Internet, encountered a set of loans, and then could not repay the debt and was nuisance by soft violence every day, the post-doctoral student killed himself in Wuhan on February 25 this year. Netizens have expressed their regret and demanded that the criminals be severely punished. It is now known that eight suspects were caught in Pingxiang, Jiangxi. Some netizens have accused the authorities of being “concerned and investigating only after a person has been killed.”