Zhao Ting’s award scared Beijing stepmother Song Dan Dan changed her mind to support Xinjiang cotton

Chinese American director Zhao Ting won the 93rd Academy Award for Best Director for “Land of the Unwanted” on the 25th, becoming the first Asian female director to win the Best Director Award.

Recently, Chinese director Zhao Ting won the Best Director Award at this year’s Academy Awards, the first female director of Asian descent to win the award. Even Zhao Ting’s stepmother, the famous Chinese actress Song Dandan, did not dare to congratulate her, and even changed her mind to support Xinjiang cotton.

On April 25, Beijing-born female director Zhao Ting won three Oscars for her film “Land of the Unwanted”: Best Director, Best Picture and Best Actress at the 2021 Academy Awards. She is the third Asian director to win this award after Taiwan’s Ang Lee and South Korea’s Bong Joon-ho, and Zhao Ting is the first Oscar winner from China.

This should have been a happy event for the Chinese Communist Party to write a big book about, especially at a time when the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in “war wolf nationalism”, and this should be a perfect topic for hype and stimulation. However, news of Zhao Ting’s Oscar win has been completely blocked in mainland China.

According to the Voice of America, the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Ministry has asked official media to keep their coverage of the Oscars low and cancel live broadcasts. The reason is that Zhao Ting said in a 2013 interview with Filmmaker magazine that “China is a country full of lies,” which drew criticism for “insulting China.

The Union-Tribune reported on the 29th that the Oscars were politicized and Zhao Ting’s past so-called “insulting” remarks were exposed, and the Chinese Communist Party boycotted and canceled the live broadcast, but as a result, Zhao Ting’s stepmother, Song Dandan, congratulated her on Weibo when her stepdaughter won the Golden Globe earlier. This time, when her stepdaughter won the Oscar, she chose to remain silent and did not speak out on social media platforms at all.

The stand-up news also said that every time Zhao Ting won an award, Song Dan Dan would congratulate her baby on Weibo, praising her for spelling someone else’s strengths on someone else’s home turf and hoping that her success would inspire more Chinese children.

This time Zhao Ting won the Oscar for best director, and is the first Asian female director to win the award, which would have been worthy of a big congratulations, but Song Dan Dan didn’t say a word.

The report also found that after congratulating Zhao Ting on her Golden Globe win on March 5, less than two months later, Song only posted three tweets, one supporting Xinjiang cotton, one praising singer Na Ying as her role model, and one promoting a variety show produced by Tencent.

The report questioned whether her stepdaughter’s Oscar win was not as good as Xinjiang Cotton, Na Ying and the variety show.

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Song Dandan once said that she initially sent her children abroad to study and felt it was expensive, but later felt the money spent was worth it when she saw what Zhao Ting had accomplished. The baby she spent money to cultivate has all of a sudden become a sensitive word in this country again. Her own stepdaughter won an award, but Song Dan Dan couldn’t even mention her name.

Zhao Ting directed “Land of the Unsupported” which, besides sacrificing material things and pursuing freedom, also conveys the kindness and care among people. In her acceptance speech, she mentioned that in the Three Character Classic she learned as a child, it says that “the beginning of man is good by nature”, so she believes that human nature is always good. This value is also fully reflected in her films.

According to the news report, human nature was originally very good, but the real world is treacherous, because “Xi Jinping, pull the list”, Zhao Ting’s interviewed remarks allegedly insulted China, and thus became a list of people.

The report said that Song Dandan at this time is also more able to understand Zhao Ting said “the country full of lies”? Is it also more understandable why her stepdaughter has to run to someone else’s home turf to fight for someone else’s strengths? Zhao Ting is indeed very talented and hard-working, and such a person would have no problem going anywhere. But China is not allowed to be her home turf, it can only be the party’s home turf.

Shi Yuge, a mainland media practitioner, said: For Zhao Ting, she does not touch the bottom line of anyone, any country or any political party. But the Chinese Communist Party itself is full of problems and sore spots, so anyone who touches it a little bit will feel a lot of pain.

According to Shi Yuge, “Land of the Unwanted” won three awards in one go and became a global sensation, so whether the Chinese Communist Party agrees or disagrees, Zhao Ting is the pride of the Chinese. And Zhao Ting has set a very good example to inspire overseas Chinese to continue their creative efforts with more confidence.