Russia will provide emergency anti-epidemic assistance to India

President Vladimir Putin told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a phone call on 28 May that Russia would provide emergency assistance to India, which has been hit by the outbreak, the Russian Kremlin said.

AFP reports that India has become the epicenter of the global epidemic, reporting some 360,000 new confirmed cases of the Chinese Communist virus on the 28th, a global record for a single day, as well as some 3,000 new deaths.

The Kremlin issued a statement saying, “Putin expressed his support to Modi in this difficult time of epidemic prevention and informed him of the decision to provide emergency humanitarian aid to India.”

The statement added that Russian deliveries will include “20 sets of oxygen equipment, 75 artificial respiratory aids, 150 medical monitors and 200,000 packages of medicines.”

The Kremlin mentioned that Modi “warmly thanked the Russian president for his assistance, which is mostly of a high-tech nature and is much needed by India.