U.S. raises aid for India, Chinese Communist Party media calls out “crocodile tears” Indian netizens angry

Medical personnel in protective clothing attend to a patient with communist pneumonia (Covid-19) at a temporarily converted care center in New Delhi, India, April 28, 2021.

In light of the rapidly worsening outbreak in India, the U.S. government has recently begun to urgently raise funds to assist India with medical supplies, including ventilators, personal protective equipment and 60 million doses of vaccines. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has grounded cargo flights to and from India, despite claims that it is willing to help, and party media have ridiculed the U.S. aid effort as “crocodile tears. Indian netizens angrily blamed the Chinese Communist Party for being “shameless”.

Since April, the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus in India has been rapidly worsening, especially in the last week, with the number of confirmed cases soaring daily. As of April 27, the number of confirmed cases in India has exceeded 300,000 for the sixth consecutive day, and medical resources are extremely scarce.

After several days of hesitation, the U.S. government announced on Monday (26th) that it would reach out to India. On the one hand, public health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) formed a “strike team” to work with Indian experts in laboratory services, surveillance and epidemiology, bioinformatics, vaccine rollout and risk communication; on the other hand, urgent funding was raised for oxygen production equipment, personal protective equipment, rapid testing, and medical equipment. On the other hand, we are urgently mobilizing oxygen production equipment, personal protective equipment, rapid test kits and other epidemic prevention supplies to India.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to the media on the 26th that in addition to the above-mentioned important epidemic prevention materials, the U.S. government will also provide raw materials for the production of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to the Indian Serum Institute, and will provide 60 million doses of U.S.-made AstraZeneca vaccine directly to India after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completes its review.

Meanwhile, while the Chinese government has paid lip service to its willingness to provide assistance to India, in reality, Sichuan Airlines has halted cargo flights to India, dealing a serious blow to the shipment of medical supplies at a time when India is urgently buying oxygen machines and other medical equipment from China. In addition, traders in India have complained that Chinese manufacturers have raised the price of medical supplies by 35 to 40 percent and increased shipping costs by more than 20 percent.

When asked about the situation by a reporter from the Indian Broadcasting Corporation at a regular press conference held by the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not deny the situation, saying only that he would have to seek confirmation from the airlines concerned.

In addition, the English edition of the Global Times, the Communist Party’s media outlet, published a series of articles criticizing the U.S. government for being “selfish” and drawing cartoons mocking the U.S. ban on the export of raw materials used to make vaccines. After the Americans had already taken action to raise funds for medical supplies for India, the Global Times published an article ridiculing it as a “crocodile’s tear.

Radio Free Asia reports that while the U.S. is reaching out to India, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media is “standing around talking,” which has angered many Indian netizens, who have taken to social media to denounce the Chinese media as shameless. Some netizens commented that it was “too selfish” for the Chinese Communist Party to mock another country when Indians were caught in the epidemic. “This is the crocodile’s tears”.

On Monday, Chinese Communist Party Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying tweeted, “We are concerned about the serious situation in India. If India tells us what specific needs it has, we are ready to provide help.”

U.S. commentator and China expert Gordon G. Chang responded to Hua’s post by saying that the Chinese Communist Party could help India, and the world, by disclosing the origin of the COVID-19 virus.