Sichuan Ya’an earthquake with a loud noise, microblogging oops, netizens worried

On the morning of April 29, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Meishan District of Ya’an, Sichuan. The incident sparked a microblogging debate because the introduction of the phrase “Sichuan Ya’an earthquake” on Weibo was a mistake, using the 2013 “7.0 magnitude earthquake”. In addition, some local netizens said that the earthquake was accompanied by loud noises and felt the ground tugging up and down.

According to the China Earthquake Network, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurred at 9:43 a.m. on April 29 in Yashan City, Sichuan Province (30.06 degrees north latitude, 103.09 degrees east longitude), with a depth of 28 kilometers.

Local people said that the earthquake was felt strongly, “people in Chuanong, the tremor was a little strong.”

Netizens in the source area said the earthquake was accompanied by a loud noise. “I can’t believe I was at the source of the quake. Tell your sisters about the feeling just now, the earthquake had a ‘dong’ a loud noise, the whole person shivered violently, the first reaction is not an earthquake, but the feeling that something blew up nearby, until you feel the aftershock to react to want to run, too scary.” “We were in class when we heard a loud bang, scared roommates fled in fear!”

Another netizen said, “The feeling in the epicenter is really different from the usual earthquake fluctuations, not shaking, is the feeling that the house was topped up and then went down again.” “Yes, yes, yes! It’s the up and down tugging.”

Other netizens said, “Ya’an Yucheng felt obvious.” “I felt it in Shuangliu.” “Yucheng District, the fifth floor tremor felt strong, shaking awake.” “Pujiang felt it.” “I was on the first floor of Meng Shan Garden and felt it very strongly, the windows kept ringing.” “I felt a tremor in Meishan!” “Chengdu has tremors.”

The incident also made it to Weibo’s hot search because the introduction of the #SichuanYa’anEarthquake phrase was a mistake, as it said that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake had occurred on April 20, causing many netizens to call back to their hometowns to ask about it, only to find out that it was only a “3 magnitude” earthquake. The reporter checked and found that Weibo has now deleted the phrase, but the screenshot can be seen on the net.

The microblogging site has removed the phrase, but the screenshot can be seen. (Screenshot)

The netizen said: “I saw the level 7 heart thump, quickly went to call my mother, my mother ‘did not feel the earthquake ah …’ I thought how the level 7 will not feel, the results are 3 ah, scared me to death. “”Can’t you be a little more strict with the introduction of the topic now? How scary.”

“Okay, no casualties on the good, the introduction of this topic should be 13 years, has not changed over, this Ya’an earthquake is best not to use the previous topic, easy to misunderstand …” “See the hot search heart slightly trembling, open a look at the good 3.4 level. “

Some netizens said, “can report jagged waves?”

It is reported that at 8:02 on April 20, 2013, Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province (30.3 N,103.0 E), a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the source depth of 13 kilometers, the official said the earthquake led to 196 people dead, 21 people missing, 11,470 people injured.