India’s daily increase of 362,000 people infected with the disease

On April 28, India saw 362,000 more people infected daily as three mutant variants of the virus spread . Airports become vaccination hubs as Thailand sees plummeting numbers of both infections and deaths. India saw a new high of 362,902 confirmed cases and 3,285 deaths on Tuesday. The cumulative number of confirmed cases is 18 million, with more than 200,000 deaths.

The B.1.617 variant of the virus that caused the surge in India has appeared in at least 17 countries. And India has been exposed to the triple mutation B.1.618 variant virus. Researchers in New Delhi found that this virus is more infectious and better able to evade the immune barrier. So far, it has emerged in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and Finland.

More countries offering aid to India

U.S. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will share vaccines with India and aid related medical supplies.

Ventilators and oxygen makers from Britain have arrived in New Delhi, and more medical supplies are departing from Australia, Germany and Ireland.

Spain has pledged to send seven tons of medical supplies to India this week.

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya: “No one is safe until we are all safe. This is our way of showing mutual support to the countries that need the assistance of the international community today.

Thailand is holding back travel documents for foreign tourists from India because of an outbreak of a new variant of the virus, the country’s outbreak response center said.

The number of infections and deaths is skyrocketing, with 2,179 confirmed cases and 15 deaths in Thailand on Tuesday. Authorities have ordered parks, gymnasiums, movie theaters and daycare centers in the capital to be closed from May 26 to May 9.

Bangkok has become the epicenter of a new wave of outbreaks, with a vaccination center at Suvarnabhumi Airport launched this week, with former airline staff and immigration officials instead handling vaccines for people instead of tickets.

The Korea Center for Disease Control announced Wednesday that from May 5, those who have completed vaccination and entered from abroad, even if they have been exposed to confirmed cases, do not need to be quarantined at home as long as they test negative and have no symptoms; except for those entering from countries with serious outbreaks such as South Africa and Brazil.

In addition, travelers entering Korea after receiving the Russian satellite V and the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine are still subject to quarantine.