Internal documents reveal the “two sessions” of the delegates inoculation process, different from the official rhetoric

According to an internal document obtained, delegates to Beijing were fully tested for antibodies after being vaccinated with a domestic vaccine against the Chinese Communist Party virus (New Coronavirus) during the Communist Party’s two national sessions. This is inconsistent with public statements about the effectiveness of the vaccine in the CCP’s health system.

The report, published on April 28, cites an internal document from Hebei Province, “Instructions for Organizing the Vaccination of Participants in the Fourth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Prevention and Control of the Epidemic,” which states that a total of 39 people from the province who attended the CPPCC National Committee meeting this year were to receive the first dose of the vaccine by January 20, the second dose by February 4, and antibody testing by February 20, with the aim of testing the effectiveness of the vaccination and deciding whether a third dose was needed accordingly.

The document was issued on January 16 of this year by the Personnel Office of the Hebei Provincial Office and the Liaison Office of the Commissioners, according to the letter.

The content of the document contradicts official Communist Party rhetoric.

The effectiveness and safety of China’s domestic CCP virus vaccine has been questioned and there have been a number of counterproductive cases due to the failure to provide complete Phase III clinical trial data.

For example, in Chile, the number of confirmed cases increased rather than decreased after mass vaccination with the Chinese Coxin vaccine, and returned to a state of emergency with a national lockdown; in Pakistan, where the rollout of the Chinese-made vaccine began in early February, a third wave of the outbreak began in late March, with the national infection rate rising to 11 percent, the highest level since the outbreak; on April 7, the commander of the Philippine Presidential Security Guard (PSG), Jesus On April 7, PSG Commander Jesus Durante III revealed that 126 members of the Presidential Guard had tested positive for the virus after receiving inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm last year; on April 25, former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra confirmed that he and his wife had been vaccinated with the Coxin vaccine last October and were now diagnosed with the CCP virus.

Chinese officials have refused to review questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

In an updated version of the vaccination Q&A posted on the official website of the CCP’s National Health Commission, the Commission’s answer to the question “Is it necessary to test for antibodies before and after vaccination” is: “There is no need to test for viral nucleic acids and antibodies before vaccination, nor is it recommended to routinely test for antibodies after vaccination as a basis for successful immunization. .”

On April 9, when voices questioning the effectiveness of the domestic vaccine were growing, Wen Yumei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, also said that follow-up visits and further understanding were necessary after vaccination, “but there is no need to carry out antibody testing on a large scale.”

However, the above-mentioned internal documents from Hebei Province show that officials did conduct comprehensive antibody testing to ensure the validity of the vaccination for delegates to Beijing.

According to commentator Li Linyi, the Chinese Communist Party has until now claimed that it does not need to test antibodies, but now the document shows that the delegates to the “two sessions” will not only be tested for antibodies, but will also be judged on whether to receive a third shot, which is first of all a privilege for officials, as there are few examples of people in China being allowed to receive three doses of inactivated vaccines, and is also intended to protect the safety of top Communist Party officials participating in the “two sessions.

CDC Director Gao Fu made a rare admission at the National Conference on Vaccines and Health on April 10 that Chinese vaccines have “low protection” and that he is considering mixing vaccines of different technologies. He had previously said that “a third dose may be needed” in response to cases that were still diagnosed after two doses of domestic vaccines, which sparked heated debate.