How can a country full of lies be strong

Xi Jinping went to Hainan Island to preside over the induction ceremony of the attack ship “Hainan”, the nuclear destroyer “Dalian” and the nuclear submarine “Long March 18” all together. The message is clear: the ship is strong, the military is strong, and the message is to deter neighbors in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, Zhao Ting won the Oscar for Best Director for “The Wanderlust”, setting a precedent for female directors of Chinese descent. The authorities could have blocked the Oscar ceremony so that the majority of the country could not share in the joy of this “light of Chinese”. An alumnus of Zhao Ting’s university in Shanghai was also prevented from “peeping” through a virtual private network (VPN). Why does a powerful country not allow Zhao Ting’s honor to see the light of day?

Traumatized, Zhao Ting was blocked from winning the award

Before winning the Oscar, “The Wanderlust” had already won a Golden Globe for Ting Chiu in early March. At the time, her stepmother, comedian Song Dandan, described how Zhao Ting’s achievement was extraordinary: “A Chinese girl who doesn’t know English, who only went abroad to study at the age of 16, chose a path that we never saw but could only respect. Today on someone else’s home turf to spell someone else’s strengths, achieving such recognition and setting such a record, you are a legend in our family, and I believe your story will excite countless Chinese children as well.” A month later Zhao Ting won a greater honor, “excited countless Chinese children” good intentions but fell short. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Eight years ago she told New York’s Filmmaker magazine that her childhood China was “full of lies, and people felt like you were never going to be able to break free” (There are lies everywhere. You felt like you were never going to be able to get out. (You felt like you were never going to be able to get out.). Last year, after breaking free from the land of lies, Zhao Ting told the Australian media that she “the U.S. is now my country. Zhao Ting’s remarkable achievement was apparently not enough to make up for the severe damage her truth-telling caused to the powerful nation’s glass heart.

The strong country can shield Zhao Ting from the distinction of “playing on other people’s home turf”, but not from the news that Huarong, one of the top four state-owned asset management companies, was suspended by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and its overseas bond prices plunged. The reason for such a situation is that Huarong failed to announce its results as scheduled according to the rules. The company is a central enterprise under the Ministry of Finance and not a general asset management company. The basic action of announcing the results as scheduled also can’t cope with, this central enterprise in the end is a mess, no need to be detailed.

It is not surprising that this central enterprise is in such a bad state. Its former first officer, Lai Xiaomin, has just been sentenced to death. The charge was corruption – three tons of cash found at home, other gold, silver, jewelry, paintings and antiques stolen goods not carved all the record! The Communist Party rendered the Kuomintang’s Chiang, Song, Kong and Chen four families corrupt and deadly, compared to Lai Xiaomin, who I’m afraid also needs to admit his own country. The scandal of Huarong broke out almost ten years after Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption. This makes one wonder what the so-called fight against corruption is all about.

Sixty-three years of fighting corruption, and the more you fight, the more corrupt you become.

If there is even the slightest doubt about this, the new Xinhua report leaves no room for imagination. As we all know, the Central Disciplinary Committee is the office of Vice President Wang Qishan, who has been fighting corruption under his command. The Xinhua News Agency said its former deputy head of the Central Inspection Group Dong Hong lost the road, theory, system, culture “four self-confidence”, the big superstitious activities, accept gifts and gifts; connivance, acquiescence relatives and staff around him to use his position influence to make money; accept a large amount of money and property. Dong Hong was caught and expelled from the party earlier this month; I wonder if he will end up like Lai Xiaomin. The official in charge of fighting corruption and corruption to this extent, so what kind of corruption can be fought?

There are no coincidences. As Xinhua News Agency released the news of Dong Hong’s capture, the State Council held its fourth clean government work conference on April 26. I do not know whether it is for Lai Xiaomin or something else, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that strengthening integrity is an important guarantee for good economic and social development work. To dig deeper and investigate the corruption behind the financial risks. The so-called “decentralization, decentralization, optimization of services” reform to further eradicate the breeding ground for corruption.

The Party has the Party to fight corruption, the State Council has the State Council to fight corruption, enterprises have enterprises to fight corruption, when is the fight against corruption? The fact is that the Chinese Communist Party has been fighting corruption all the time since the founding of the country. After 63 years of fighting, the more fertile the soil of corruption is, the more serious the cases of corruption are. Why? Zhao Ting said in a nutshell: “lies everywhere”, there is to do so. The nature of totalitarianism certainly does not allow the people to talk nonsense, and must be constantly false and empty to consolidate the regime. This is precisely why Zhao Ting’s truth must be shielded even though it is known to everyone. Can a country that is “full of lies”, that has no courage to face the truth, and that is corrupt to the core be strong? Impossible.