Criticize a film

The only heroine in “Wandering World” is Frances McDormand. Another strong woman, with leadership style, and can be good Tough, if she is the vice president instead of 24 hours of the mouth of He Jinli, feminism will be a few more Convincing market.

As for the movie itself, I’m sorry, from a left-wing point of view, I think the play dragged on enough left.

First of all, this nomadic group of traveling old car snail people are the proletarians under the oppression of the multinational Amazon under globalization. If so, why would the writer-director deliberately romanticize their plight? Americans have American ethnic genes, and McDormand is certainly not the Chinese Mrs. Xianglin. So halfway through the movie, I expected her to lead a call to arms, to liaise with the Black Lives Matter guerrillas in the city, to unite the city and the countryside into a single line, to just wander the world to no avail, to meet with the BLM under the Rocky Mountains, and then to set up a revolutionary base, preferably on the California-Nevada border, to establish itself as a People’s Republic.

Looking for a Beijing-born female director Zhao Ting, should have such a memory of the beginning. China hates Zhao for smearing her own country with the support of Americans, and the Internet is understandably critical, but if there are still theoretical elites like Xia Yan, Yao Wenyuan, Zhou Yang and even Qi Benyu on the mainland, the criticism of Zhao Ting should start with the film’s surrender and negativism to the American capitalist empire, and ask: in the face of such oppression by the capitalist consortium, why do the characters in the play only read Shakespeare’s Merchant’s Eighteenth of Shakespeare’s Merchant’s Song? Such petty-bourgeois moaning is not even of the caliber of Qu Qubai.

Zhao Ting fails the culture of her country of origin, and in this sense, the Oscar award, although it is for the violent attacks on Asians and Chinese in the streets of the city by foreign whites and blacks, Zhao also fails her skin color.

To launch a major critique of this film, one should start at this one level. But today’s Chinese Communist Party does not have that caliber. No wonder the far left in the United States is not satisfied and is breaking into a rant about Hollywood racism and China’s boycott. The criminal enterprise Amazon in the film is behind the Biden administration, so the critique of globalized capitalism in “Wandering World” is not painful, and it is left here.

Forty years ago in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” the hero faced the system by leading a group of low-end people to rise up against it. He died because of his own inability to do so, but as long as the doctrine is true, the revolution will have a later generation. This is a real revolutionary movie.

But “Wandering Heaven and Earth” does not deliver enough goods, soft and light, lacking combat power. The first thing in life is good? The director’s acknowledgement reveals the nature of her Marxist discourse in Bernstein. If it is the last scene, the heroine jumped on the roof of the car, raising his arms, the pale earth, twilight gradually darkened, nomadic a family raised torches, to meet the night, which is to shoot the sequel under the ambush.

See? This is called left, is left and not gum true red left, not Obama-style New York Chicago East Coast style blowing water finished business as usual college bubble left.

But how is it possible? Because the United States left gum and Hollywood also greedy money, they also want the gold master. So, after watching “Wandering World”, not to Zhao Tingqiang to learn Tarantino, no, just Chong You’s me, I think China’s Chen Sheng Wu Guang higher a chip; see Frances McDormand, I miss Jiang Qing more.