The more ordinary people work hard, the more the net stars earn

Douban has a hot post saying “the harder ordinary people work, the more stars earn”, do you think it makes sense?

After ordinary people are basically deprived of spare time, the brain does not get effective rest, will be more and more inclined to choose those easy titty music in their free time, such as variety shows, such as television series, such as short video, and the star netizens are the trend to earn more.

The original 5 o’clock from work, you may still have the leisure to go home and family to cook a good meal, read a book, go for a walk, develop a little personal hobby, learn a little something new.

After 996, who wants to read a book at 9 o’clock when they get home at 10 o’clock? Watch a variety show or TV series, before going to bed, brush a shake a small red book to the tired brain relaxation relaxation, Netflix and get the traffic.

After the three to four transfer, who has the leisure to squeeze high-speed rail squeeze high-speed to travel abroad on May 1? Tired at home, catch up on sleep, brush up on drama, to the talent show vote, the stars get traffic again.

More ironically, capital exploits ordinary people’s spare time —> ordinary people’s demand for titty music increases —-> capital invests in titty music and gives stars money —-> stars earn more —-> capital earns more —-> capital intensifies exploitation of ordinary people’s spare time —> ordinary people’s demand for titty music increases further —-> capital continues to invest in titty music and gives Stars smash more smash money —->Stars earn more —->Capital earns more —->Infinite cycle

The capital and the stars net red on this road to achieve a cycle of win-win, and ordinary people, like a two-way cut leeks, not only work time by the capital cut, in fact, off time is also quietly cut by the capital.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in a position to be able to get a good deal on a lot of things. What brand-name bags, brand-name shoes, brand-name clothes, big brand lipstick, Zheng Shuang daily income of 2.08 million are too big brand lipstick expensive, want to buy these before opening the phone selfie, three ask yourself: I match? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days. What do I have to do?

Save money well, get enough sleep for 8 hours, read more books, exercise more, regular medical checkups, uninstall the Shake the small red book, sleep when you are tired, do not brush the phone to relax, do not charge the video site membership to see a variety of billionaire performances, to see the free classic old drama, not there is netflix and hulu, the same membership money people at least there are high-quality documentaries can grow insight, improve English, unlike the domestic video The website charges money and also feeds shit, there is time to look at history books, psychology books, writing diaries, in short, put more attention on yourself (yes, your attention is very valuable, the so-called traffic is composed of ordinary people’s minute and second, your attention is the star and net celebrity’s life, Zheng Shuang 160 million film pay has every Aiki member’s efforts), your precious attention should be used to study yourself, pay attention to yourself, review yourself The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only interested in the actual products and services, but also in the products and services of the company.

The capital is not only feeding Shi, but even engaging in paid feeding Shi, but you can be the one who doesn’t get on the pole to eat Shi.

Although you can never do a daily salary of 208w stars, but you can do 65 years old physically and mentally healthy aunt with a stable retirement salary, AQ’s thought, also considered the slum version of wealth freedom, in fact, it’s not bad, do you think?

The last interesting phenomenon found recently, the sponsor of “Little Shedding” is Xue Si net school, the left hand to parents to create school anxiety, the right hand to use the parents of school anxiety to earn money, a drama, between different capital to achieve a drama three cuts, capital not only cut advertising fees, membership fees, transfer another capital can also cut anxiety fees, in short, the internal entertainment market, really wonderful.

Xuezhi main discipline training, shot is the students spell AoM, propaganda does not learn AoM no future

The next time the New Oriental sponsorship to create anxiety, it is called the “small international”, shoot the NPC Annex international class children with English and foreigners fluent communication, your children are still learning the human version of ABCD, on the university for the four or six levels of distress, do not send the New Oriental counseling English?

Next time the art exam agency sponsorship anxiety, called “small beautiful”, shoot a group of art candidates smashing big money to hire teachers to tutor art or piano, or then talented, look more beautiful, not to send art training institutions even art colleges preliminary exams door can not touch, soon be eliminated, so parents adjust strategy, began to contact relations to hire internal teachers, spend a lot of money to the child one-on-one tutoring, finally admitted to the Beijing Film Academy The next time you are looking for an institution to study for the next public exam, you will be able to find out how to get a job.

The next time the public examination institutions sponsored the creation of anxiety, it is called “small college students”, shooting a group of famous school freshman students discussing how to preserve research, spell scientific research, roll performance points, and then turn the camera to the main characters of a double non-public, about their parents at first thought to go to college to have a good job, and then a comparison with the famous school, only to find that the public examination is also very difficult, so they began to give their children who are already 22 years old to spend money on tuition for the public examination The main characters of the examinations and examinations, and finally the main characters of the double non-a book in the examinations and examinations of public institutions with the help of the smooth landing, in the end win over the famous school bully inspirational story.

How do you feel about these anxiety flavors?

The last thing I would like to say to you is, unfortunately, even if you do the above points, you still may still be paying for the titty le capital and the extravagant life of the stars.

Why stars need fans for their own fuck traffic, hit the list to create a very good illusion, is that they are also very clear, even if there are hundreds of thousands of fans, is not enough to support their sky-high income, only to let the capital to see that they have traffic, very red, in order to put through the capital of this bridge to spread their 160 million income to everyone in society, including old ladies who may not know a word in the countryside.

To take the simplest example, a star endorses a certain yogurt, your mother and father may never follow the star, or even do not know who a star is, they are just used to drinking this yogurt, get used to it and buy it by hand, but in fact they are still paying a premium for a star’s endorsement fee.

As long as society still exists a huge group of people who need titillation, as long as society still exists the brain-damaged fans who are dying to live, as long as society still exists regardless of my brother the most handsome stargazers, all the costs of titillation will eventually be apportioned to every individual in the whole society, no one can be alone in the titillation orgy, even if you never follow drama never watch variety shows never follow stars never gossip, so. Look on the bright side.