Once upon a time, when I first ate this world, all kinds of durian

When Mr. Huang came to Guangzhou for class, Can Lin called me for a dinner date, and I was searching for what kind of old mountain stores could treat this old friend whom I hadn’t seen for seven years, Mr. Huang named for tea: “Let’s learn from Guangzhou to have a cup or two. “

“This kind of weather can still come out to eat, is definitely a life and death friends. “Guangzhou’s noon apparently still not so friendly, the high temperature taught people dare not imagine that this is the summer time. The sun is so enthusiastic, a cup of tea is estimated to be not enough to quench thirst, two pieces of snacks will be more than enough. Early to the bar position of Can Lin sprinkled order dishes, “What do you guys eat? “Small fire licking the tea began to gurgle bubbles, I imagined the table full of dazzling snacks, a magical and long-lost flavor instantly flashed – durian pastry!

This durian pastry made in the shape of a swan, but unfortunately the goose neck goose head is only decorative, the first time so boldly throw away the head of the goose, I do not know the most valuable lion-headed geese know how embarrassed, as if to hear the voice to the sky song “even drop God na, geese have a day! “

Remove the white decoration, the orange puff pastry will be broken when touched, just like the lyrics described. I’m afraid whoever sang “Your heart is so brittle / will break when you touch it”, I either laughed at the scene or had a craving. Who will you think of”, or the skin broke a table did not catch the kind.

If you compare the Five Fingers Mountain to durian puff pastry, I think the Monkey King’s popping up should be comparable to this aroma, the aroma of durian instantly filled the nasal cavity, a sweetness from the root of the tongue back to the mouth, straight to the sky, the aroma of durian is powerful, filling the brain, the loss of sanity, and then not to eat by youth more than hit The aroma of durian is so powerful that it fills your brain and you lose your mind.

The presence of durian pulp in the top quality durian crisp really makes people feel happy, with the fragrance of the pastry, the sweetness of the sugar, as well as the hint of durian flesh, the durian aroma bursting out after baking, a half bite slowly, full of brain began to reflect: tea over the throat will only wash away the sweetness, this cup will be saved, if it is two pieces, then all want durian crisp!

In the end, reason pulled me back to reality, eat a piece of good, in case the head, I do not know what kind of nonsense I will say: “Boss! Durian pastry away pastry! “

I once suspected that “the fragrance of the sky through Chang’an, the city is full of golden armor” written not chrysanthemum, but durian. To say that the city of durian words, it is a little bit of the meaning of the whole population, but the aroma is estimated to penetrate Chang’an, after all, Yang Guifei eat a bite of Lingnan lychee have become legendary, let the fast horse from Southeast Asia to hold a durian back, Yang Guifei can stand this special aroma, does not mean that Li Longji can accept, the emperor can not cover his nose, while the durian ambassador dragged out and beheaded: “so bad smell, there are always unruly people. “Such a bad smell, there are always tricky people want to harm me. “

Data show that the human brain on durian and the ability to accept such strange fragrance varies from person to person, some people are naturally resistant to this aroma, feel that this aroma is not fruit, eat up the brain is estimated to be full of “rice fields together “The aroma of durian is not a fruit aroma. However, the fragrance and beauty is similar, a step away, even Yu Dafu once lamented: “Durian has a stench like stinky cheese mixed with onions, and a fragrance similar to turpentine, really stinky and fragrant and delicious. “

Durian this fruit smell unique, the taste is also unusual, some sweet, some light, some will also be slightly bitter, the flesh is firm, sweet and soft, fiber a silk pull apart, if you add the cheese, salty and sweet delicious, pulling the silk is also difficult to distinguish it. It is said that durian is like ice cream when eaten on ice; some people try to eat it baked, the whole sweetness can be raised a few degrees. If one day I can learn from Wing Shao and go to Malaysia to carry two pieces of King Cat for free, I think it will be worthy of this life.

The durians in Thailand are picked when they are seven or eight years old, ripening or waiting to be ripe to eat; Malaysia is a bit hardcore, durians can not be picked, must wait until the natural ripe fall to the ground to pick up and eat, this natural ripe durian, although the appearance is still fierce, but the inner kind of sweetness once again forced humans to believe that their posture is not called fall, but down to earth.

The durian in Malaysia is marked by D1 to D200, some varieties have been walking around for years and still don’t know their surname, only a number, which durian is sung by JJ Lin’s “Number 89757”?

However, I was not born to eat durian. When I was five or six years old, my father took me to an uncle’s house as a guest, my uncle brought out the durian from Guangxi, I refused at that time, the golden shell is also full of thorns, the flesh of the fruit is not white, yellow is not, although a certain angle like ice cream, but why is this taste can be classified as human to eat it? My father saw my refusal and broke a piece into my mouth when I wasn’t looking. My father recalled that I was frozen, squatting in the corner holding the durian meat, swallowing it and spitting it out, crying or not, I don’t remember.

But, it smells so good!

The combination of durian is still a source of imagination, durian cake and other kinds of desserts, durian chicken casserole is also worth a try. My father once said I was his pride and joy. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been trained to be a durian warrior.

The three summer holidays “a wait for the eagle is sacrificing birds; two wait for heaven and earth began to pur; three wait for the harvest is on. “The summer heat is fading, the weather is turning cool, the autumn of the South is too short, short to no, to not eat mouth durian, directly to the New Year.