How to find a job for new graduates

Graduates looking for jobs may be difficult at first, but as long as you work hard towards your goals, use a positive, grateful mindset, ask for advice and persist in learning from those around you, you will surely reap the rewards.

Experience one.

Behind a glamorous job site does not necessarily mean a formal, friendly and thriving company. For example, in early 2004, I experienced a large supermarket that went out of business very quickly. The recruitment site was very lively and the recruitment practices were very modern – but, two months later, the company closed down. So to judge the strength of a company, it is best to check on the website, ask at the company, inquire like the company’s suppliers or partners, and never look at the recruitment scene or the recruiter’s self-promotion.

Experience two.

Recruiters of high quality, does not mean that the future work directly with you the same high quality; many friends have encountered such a problem, it is easy to see an informed and reasonable HR, talk is also very good. After going to work, only to find that the company is very messy, in addition to that HR personnel are very poor, and even you will find that HR is also very poor.

Experience three.

Companies that often recruit are basically not good places, and most have traps. Widely known is ** securities, ** building materials, ** insurance, do not look at them or listed companies, cheating people are a set of. The bigger the store abroad, the more cautious, but the bigger the store currently has the potential to bully people.

Experience four.

Recruiters boast, the use of inflammatory language, most of them are traps. There are many such, usually a few people wearing suits and ties in the recruitment site spiteful, positions are generally sales, promising that as long as you can do, the monthly salary of 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, or even 100,000 are not under discussion. The more famous and ** insurance “insurance, never unemployed sunrise industry”, if it is never unemployed sunrise industry, how do you still every week to the job market to recruit people?

Experience five.

If you do not like the current profession, determined to change careers through graduate school, then you do not have to look for a job before the graduate school, after the examination will also have a job, especially after the Spring Festival. The energy of a person is limited, concentrate on one thing. If you want to change your career anyway, don’t think about the job. The Bible says that when God was about to destroy the city of Sodom, he sent a letter to a buddy, telling him to hurry up and go, just don’t turn back, turn back and become a pillar of salt. As a result of that buddy, hey ……

Experience six.

When recruiting the capitalists do not talk about how much money to give, most of them are given very little, embarrassed to say, first you people fooled to say. Talk about salary this thing is very very very normal, just graduated students may also be a little twisted not over, think talk about money is more embarrassing thing ah. Is not hired to sell themselves, how to sell themselves before there must be a price ah. Never talk about the salary of the company, most of the money is given very little; of course, there are also some large international companies, do not talk about salary in advance, because people in the industry know that the salary is certainly not less.

Experience seven.

The deposit, the original diploma are some of the unpleasant places. You don’t have to go there. I have met the original diploma required to mortgage, a Taiwanese-owned enterprise, but also met to pay a deposit, a private enterprise in Sichuan, said the company has a lot of trade secrets, so to deposit. You put the youth on the pressure, but also to press the diploma or cash, such places are in any case do not pay attention to.

Experience eight.

The boss personally to recruit, basically are very small companies. In the job fair site, where those who have a deep face, full of domineering, look at people’s eyes picky, very rude when talking, open-mouthed my company is now very big, closed-mouthed if you come to our company still have to try for six months of the boss, basically do not consider going to their company.

Experience nine.

About various insurance and housing fund. First, do not believe the promise of the enterprise, he said there, but very often not. Second, even if there is, it may be very little. A friend of mine has a monthly salary of about 3K, and the company has paid the health insurance for more than 3 years, but a cold and the money inside the health insurance card is all gone, because the company is paying the insurance according to the monthly salary of 300 yuan – his salary is indeed 300 yuan, and the rest are bonuses.

Lesson 10.

The vast majority of companies set inaccurate interview times. From the time of recruitment appointments, the vast majority of companies are still stuck in a very low level of management, according to the agreed time to arrive, but also wait for an hour or two, in the eyes of the recruiter seems to be very normal. The Chinese people’s poor sense of time is evident. Some big companies are better, very punctual. They even tell you where to be at 8:55 and where to be at 9:00, with a shuttle. If a company is late for anything, don’t get too upset, all that taste, not punctuality of the company does not have to be a very bad company.

Experience XI.

The girl to pay attention to. There are some companies that come to recruit daughters-in-law, recruiting ladies, which is more obvious scam. There are also some companies need a lot of clerks, he kept recruiting girls to do those basic jobs at a very low salary, and once the probationary period is over, they say you are not qualified. In addition, the quality of corporate staff is very poor, such as what the driver security can be very arrogant company, or a very complex relationship between men and women, do not go to the company.

Experience 12.

Beware of “reserve supervisor” “reserve manager” and so on. These positions are generally recruited boys, recruited into the future what work are dry, what suffering are eaten. Because you are the “reserve” “reserve” ah, so what work are you allowed to do. This trick is mostly seen in those seasonal industries, such as hotels and travel agencies in the summer.