Former U.S. national security adviser gives key timing for CCP’s Taiwan II offense

The international community is increasingly concerned about the risk of miscalculation and gunfire in the Taiwan Strait, as Chinese military aircraft and warships frequently harass Taiwan and even expand their scale. After two commanders of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command warned the Chinese Communist Party of the possibility of using force against Taiwan, former U.S. national security adviser H.R. McMaster recently pointed out directly that the key point of time for the Chinese Communist Party to violate Taiwan by force will be after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan will be in “extreme danger” at that time. Taiwan will be in “extreme danger” at that time.

Former U.S. national security adviser H. R. McMaster (Photo credit: U.S. Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment Twitter)

In a recent Hoover Institution discussion on “How Dangerous is China”, McMaster said Taiwan is the focus of most attention in relation to the Chinese Communist Party and is now at a point of “maximun danger”. One of the things that worries him the most is that Taiwan is the focus of most attention in relation to the CCP. One of the things that worries him most is the possibility of a rapidly escalating conflict in the Taiwan Strait if CCP military commanders really believe their own propaganda and mistakenly believe that unifying Taiwan is what President Xi wants them to do.

That danger has actually been on the rise, McMaster said.

According to recent data from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, Chinese military aircraft have entered Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone almost daily since April, with a massive 25 sorties on April 12 setting a record for the most disturbances in a single day.

McMaster believes that the most critical time for the CCP to possibly commit a forceful violation of Taiwan would be after the 2022 Beijing Olympics (2/4-2/20) and the 20th Communist Party Congress (Fall 2022). At present, he sees a series of activities by the CCP to make people less sensitive to its military intimidation, as well as unseen activities that are intended to subvert the will of the Taiwanese people by buying off the Taiwanese elite through economic and informational levels.

Another participant in the seminar, Matt Pottinger, former deputy national security advisor in the Trump administration, in the same discussion as McMaster, suggested that Taiwan must do more for its own defense and demonstrate “the will to resist” against potential aggression by the Chinese Communist Party. will to resist. This could take the form of civil defense corps, reserve corps, special operations forces, and other groups willing to fight for every inch of Taiwan’s territory.

Bomin also spoke of the many elements that the previous KMT government in Taiwan did to abolish compulsory service to serve the nation, and he argued that those elements are extremely necessary for countries in similar situations, whether it be Israel or Singapore, and certainly including Taiwan.

Taiwan should actually expand its military service even more so that your opponents will understand that every man has the ability to fight and the will to fight,” Bomin said. Taiwan still has a lot to do in this regard, according to Booming.