Tokyo Olympics becomes a battleground for two women to fight Medical collapse can still be done?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Yuriko Koike, who wants to make a historical name for herself, has suppressed the number of confirmed and serious illnesses for the East Olympics, which is one of the reasons for the expansion of the infection.

Japan’s Olympic Minister Marukawa Juyo quarreled over the fact that no medical staff could be deployed to the East Olympics so far, and Marukawa blamed Koike, saying, “Koike is responsible as the organizer and responsible for the medical site, how exactly do you intend to be responsible? It’s confusing because he didn’t say how he wanted the country to support him!” The original Japan this time because of the third wave of serious illnesses, the number of deaths skyrocketed, the deaths have exceeded 10,000 people, 80% from the third wave after December last year to date death.

The fourth wave came in a big way, the number of confirmed cases also exploded, Kansai region such as Osaka and other completely out of control for more than 10 consecutive days are more than 1,000 people or close to 1,000 people diagnosed, completely super crisis situation, and the infection continues to be a big outbreak, everywhere into a serious medical collapse state, the need to mobilize nurses or doctors around the serious collapse of the region, or by foreign hospitals to help take over the new crown patients, but the variant of the virus The virus is highly contagious and has a high rate of serious illness, so many seriously ill patients are unable to be hospitalized, and the number of deaths is therefore not small!

In this situation, the East Olympics Organizing Committee wanted to secure 30 special hospitals and the first 500 nurses during the East Olympics and the Pao, and finally wanted to dispatch about 10,000 nurses, which caused a nationwide outrage that there was a shortage of medical staff everywhere at this time, and that a large number of medical staff had to be mobilized for the East Olympics, which 80% of the nation was against.

In particular, the East Olympics Organizing Committee sent a notice to the Japan Association of Nurse Practitioners on the 7th, asking it to secure 500 nurses for the East Olympics, at a time when more than 1,000 people had been diagnosed in Osaka and the Osaka Prefecture Nurse Practitioners Association had been urgently recruiting 100 nurses since the 6th. Here human life is at stake, but the East Olympic organizing committee ignored the actual situation to recruit nurses, and did not even write the remuneration, and required to work 9 hours, there is also the possibility of late night work, at least participate in more than 5 days, and because it is the East Olympic Games, from May to July must also be trained first, etc., in fact, the nurses treated as servants, so the Japan Nurses Association is very angry, feel too disrespectful to medical staff!

The East Olympics Organizing Committee’s intention is that each health care worker will be on duty for five days, so 15,000 nurses will be needed in a month, and 300 doctors and 400 nurses will be needed in a day, so not only nurses, but also doctors will be needed for 10,000 people. Now the doctors are also very short of manpower, which makes people think that the East Olympic Organizing Committee has a nervous problem! In fact, a large number of medical staff have been invited to quit! Perhaps that’s why the East Olympics Organizing Committee is panicking and asking the Japan Association of Caregivers to schedule!

Both Kan and the East Olympic Committee keep saying that “hosting the Olympics” and “national safety” are bound to be mutually exclusive, but the fact is that Marukawa was asked what is the difference between “hosting the Olympics” and “epidemic prevention”. But the fact is that Marukawa was asked what was the priority between “hosting the Olympics” and “prevention of epidemics”. Marukawa could not answer at all, but tried to put the blame on Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, saying, “The first site for epidemic prevention measures is Tokyo City!

Marukawa’s answer made people think she was scolding Koike, so netizens scolded Marukawa, “Then what responsibility have you done? Koike said, “The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the East Olympic Organizing Committee each have their own responsibilities!” Meaning “I don’t need to report to you one by one!” There was a serious discord between the two!

Although Marukawa forced the issue of medical staff scheduling, which made the Japanese people feel very excessive; but Koike himself also made a lot of tricks for the East Olympics, which is equivalent to making Tokyo into a semi-closed city. The Japanese central government issued a declaration of emergency outside of the 3rd launch of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, etc. The period was from April 25 to May 11 for 17 days, requiring a ban on the provision of alcohol and the closure of large stores such as department stores. Yuriko Koike asked Tokyoites to turn off lights and signboards on the streets after 8:00 p.m. during the May Golden Week holiday, and previously asked people from outside Tokyo not to come to work in Tokyo, and Tokyoites were forbidden to go out when they did not need to and were not in an emergency, completely ignoring the lives of ordinary people!

Many people think that if we want to make people’s lives unbearable and unable to breathe, we should have announced the suspension of the Eastern Olympics! If we can’t even light up the lights, why do we still have the Olympics? The real danger is during the East Olympics, when there should be no alcohol sales, no lights, no going out, no foreigners, and no events.

Koike so desperately control Tokyo people, put down a variety of bans than the central government, the Japanese people know is for May 17 IOC (International Olympic Committee) President Bach to come to Japan, she wants to come when Bach, Tokyo’s diagnosis not continue to be so serious!

But Koike’s new crown countermeasures are only one-sidedly asking for Tokyo people, but in fact they keep covering up the truth about the new crown, such as PCR testing is several times less than Osaka; Osaka confirmed more than a thousand people for several days, in addition to the strong contagious power of the variant virus, but also because Osaka testing is more thorough. Tokyo, with a population of 14 million, only tests 6,000 to 10,000 people a day, but Osaka, with a population of 8 million, tests 20,000 to 40,000 people a day. The main reason why Koike is doing this is to keep the number of confirmed cases low! So the actual number of confirmed cases in Tokyo may be several times the number announced so far!

Not only is the number of confirmed cases suppressed, but the number of seriously ill people is also. So far, despite protests from all walks of life or the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Koike has refused to count seriously ill people admitted to intensive care units as seriously ill patients, but only those who have received Yerk membranes or other artificial respirators, thus under-reporting by about 200 people!

In addition, regarding the variant virus, Tokyo has been unwilling to test, and many countermeasures are therefore wrong. Although Kan announced that the variant virus accounted for 30% in Tokyo and 80% in Osaka, in fact, many national hospitals or university hospitals in Tokyo are now almost all variant virus in Tokyo!

Covering up the truth is the worst epidemic prevention! Therefore, Tokyo people “feel” that Tokyo is not diagnosed like Osaka, Tokyo is still okay, still gatherings, shopping in downtown areas, etc.!

The worst thing is that Koike’s measures to prevent the epidemic are very unreasonable, such as closing many large metropolitan parks or botanical gardens, etc. As a result, during Golden Week, all the people in Tokyo are driven to the city center, and many famous areas are so crowded that even walking on the street can now be infected with the confirmed disease!

Although some celebrities, such as the former governor of Osaka, Toru Hashita, think that if the number of confirmed cases increases again, Koike will suddenly announce the suspension of the event, but Koike is willing to sacrifice the people of Tokyo in order to welcome Bach on May 17 and please Bach, so even if she is ridiculed by Marukawa, she will not be angry and call off the East Olympics! She also wants to be the governor of the city that hosts the East Olympics, and believes that this is a historical merit, and does not think that this will become a historical sinner!

The number of deaths in Japan has already exceeded 10,000 on the 26th of the new crown, and now the number of deaths is still surging; in May, the variant virus will spread explosively throughout Japan, and the number of serious illnesses and deaths will exceed the third wave. The number of confirmed cases is still as high as 5,000 per day. Except for Kan and Koike, everyone thinks that the East Olympics should be stopped, but Kan deliberately stressed in front of Biden that he would definitely hold the East Olympics. The reality is that medical care has collapsed, so can the East Olympics really be held without medical staff?