Police arrest suspect in Guangxi, China, where 18 teachers and children were hacked in a kindergarten

The municipal government of Beiliu, Guangxi, China, confirmed on Wednesday that a knife-wielding incident occurred at around 2 p.m. the same day at the local Xinfeng Town Jianle Kindergarten, resulting in 16 children and two teachers being injured, two of whom were in serious condition.

The official CCTV quoted the propaganda department of Beiliu City as saying that the public security authorities have arrested the suspect, Yulin City and Beiliu City are organizing efforts to rescue and treat the injured, and the details are being investigated.

According to “Chutian Metropolis Daily” and “Xinjing Daily” and other media disclosure, the suspect is a 25-year-old man, the day after breaking into the kindergarten, armed with a knife will kindergarten teachers and students cut. Witnesses said that a small child came out of the kindergarten with blood flowing from his head. The nearby passersby saw the man with a knife and injured people, they rushed into the kindergarten with wooden sticks to surround it. Xinfeng town police said the suspect has been arrested, may have mental problems, the incident has a number of teachers and students injured, some of the more serious injuries are receiving resuscitation, the follow-up police will issue a police bulletin.