Guizhou man accused of raping his wife: I’m often not at home, his wife’s skin white and good-looking before being stared at

The conversation between the wife of the person concerned and the official. (Taken from Jiupai News)

A man in Guizhou recently accused an official of the Tianzhu County Forestry Bureau of raping his wife, claiming that his wife looked good because of her white skin and that “I was busy at work and often not at home, which is why he (the official) was watching.” The local propaganda department then informed the incident that “the facts are not established”, but the official involved was dismissed and punished, causing concern.

Jiupai News reported that the propaganda department of Tianzhu County in Guizhou recently informed that “at about 9:00 on October 12, 2020, the Tianzhu County Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Luo Mei (a pseudonym), who claimed that she had been raped by Wang Moumou at her home.” It is reported that Wang Moumou was born in 1969, was the party secretary of the Tianzhu County Forestry Bureau, presided over the work of the county Forestry Bureau party group, responsible for forestry reform and other work.

The notice said, “The investigation found that Luo Mei and Wang Moumou had a close relationship since they met in 2019. 2020 October 12, 7:00, by Luo Mei allowed, Wang Moumou entered his home, the two had sex.” “Through the public security organs to carry out site investigation, investigation visits, forensic examination, physical evidence identification and other work, it was found that the fact that Wang Moumou had committed the crime of rape against Luo Mei was not established.”

The briefing also said that on October 20, 2020, Tianzhu County Public Security Bureau made a decision not to open a case in accordance with the law, and by the county and state public security organs at both levels to review, review, and maintain the original decision in accordance with the law. “Because Wang Moumou is a public official, his behavior is suspected of violating discipline, Tianzhu County Public Security Bureau will be transferred to the Tianzhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection County Supervision Committee. Tianzhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection County Supervisory Committee in accordance with the law to Wang Moumou made a year of probation, dismissal, demoted to the second level of section member.”

According to the report, Luo Mei’s husband Li Ying (a pseudonym) said that his wife and Wang Moumou did not know each other at the very beginning. “It was about the end of May 2019, and it just so happened that I was out of the country in those days, and he somehow added my wife’s WeChat, and while I was away, he sent messages to my wife every day.” “Because my wife’s cell phone store is on the first floor of the county forestry bureau building, probably because of this, he noticed my wife.”

Li should say that one afternoon Wang said he wanted to take Luo Mei for a ride in the mountains. “My wife is a business, and foreigners, and then thought just to meet, and do not want to offend people, let down his guard to follow him.” “He drove my wife to halfway up the mountain, … the car door locked …, and finally he ripped my wife’s pants off.”

Li should say, “My wife is too simple, she is not well educated, and is from abroad, this happened, she is afraid that others gossip about her, worried about the family breakup, bad reputation or something, so also do not give me to say. She was coerced by Wang several times, and only reported to the police when she was violated again on October 12, 2020.”

Li should accuse, “(Wang Moumou’s) daughter is almost catching up to my wife’s age, my wife is good-looking and white skin, usually like to run and exercise. My wife confiscated his money, he did not have any feelings, I believe my wife, this happened only by his coercion. I am busy at work and often not at home, that’s why he was targeted.”

He said he was not completely satisfied with the content of the notice from Tianzhu County and he intended to continue his complaint.