U.S. Police Officers Face Violent Law Enforcement Charges, Climbing Suicide Problem in Separation

U.S. police officers are already under tremendous pressure because of their duties, and now they are facing allegations of racial discrimination and violent law enforcement, which is seriously undermining police morale, with an increase in the number of sick leave and early retirement of officers across the United States, as well as a rise in the number of departures and suicides.

AFP reports that veteran officer Rick Nigro, who has served on Chicago’s police force for 27 years, has never seen his colleagues so desperate, as the officers’ duties are already dangerous and the job itself is frustrating.

Nigro said, “I see the desperation on their faces when the roll call is taken.”

The number of murders in the United States is climbing, especially in Chicago, where there were 769 murders in 2020.

Three officers have committed suicide on the Chicago police force since January of this year, and Nigro has written an open letter to his bosses and the mayor asking for changes.

There are approximately 800,000 police officers across the country, but officers have faced severe criticism from all walks of life for the disproportionate enforcement of the law by some officers against people of African descent.