Give up the Asian market? Disney to close another 18 channels in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong

Following the shutdown of three FOX sports stations in Taiwan last year, Disney is rumored to close down Southeast Asia and Hong Kong on October 1 this year, a total of 18 channels, of which at least seven channels are still broadcast in MOD and major system stations, so Taiwan viewers may also be affected.

Singapore media “Geek Culture” reported that the industry has been rumored to be ready to abandon the Asian market, early in the morning of the 27th, a Singaporean employee received internal confirmation of the company’s message, pointing out that it will close 18 channels in one go on October 1 this year, the news has caused shock.

Disney will be closed this time, 17 channels have more than 20 years of history, respectively, Fox, Fox Crime, Fox Life, FX, Fox Action Movies, Fox Family Movies, Fox Fox Movies, Star Chinese Movies, Fox Sports 1 to 3, Star Sports 1-2, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nat Geo People, and Star Sports 1.

(Nat Geo People) and the satellite TV card type station (SCM Legend).

It is said that the main reason for the total withdrawal in October this year after more than 20 years of hard work is precisely because Disney intends to fully promote its own streaming service “Disney+”.

The Geek Culture said that although Disney’s resolution to close the TV channel does not affect the general public too much, but sports fans are afraid that the most affected, because Disney has the right to broadcast major international events, including Formula 1 Formula 1, the World Motorcycle Championship (MotoGP), soccer and major tennis open tournaments, and according to the analysis of this year’s schedule, if According to the analysis of this year’s schedule, if Disney really in October completely closed, then I am afraid that the event can not be broadcast, there will be no race to watch.