The mainland sends travel packages to encourage vaccination various tactics are endless

On the mainland, vaccination has become a political task because the Chinese Communist Party has not yet announced any abnormalities or deaths after vaccination, and many people refuse to be vaccinated for fear of vaccine safety issues. In order to complete the vaccination task, various places have resorted to various tactics such as luring and intimidation. The Yangpu District in Shanghai was exposed to launch a bonus package of a five-star hotel trip upon registration; there are also places where the street publicity of vaccination gives a bonus of 200 yuan.

Mainland China’s new crown vaccination because many people are reluctant to vaccinate, worried about the safety of the vaccine, the Chinese Communist Party rewards are said to be bullish market. (Web screenshot)

A white-collar worker in Shanghai, Ms. Lin, disclosed to the Epoch Times that there is now an increased incentive for those who have not yet been vaccinated in the Yangpu District of Shanghai’s control river streets “As long as you sign up for the shot, it’s a five-star hotel + flower fair for two days and one night, with a chartered car. You don’t need to be a resident of Yangpu district, other districts can, as long as you go to Yangpu control river registration on the line.”

Ms. Lin also said, “Now the neighborhood committee to residents who have not been vaccinated go door to door asking when to vaccinate, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, in so on, unless pregnant take ultrasound sheets to them to see to stop, otherwise pregnant also want you to play.”

“There are also places where people are hired to hang signs to advertise in order to increase the number of vaccinations, only to see a man hanging a billboard on the sidewalk on Baotou Road with a head and neck that says ‘Vaccination New Crown Award 200 Yuan’ while the tannoy keeps playing ‘Good News, Vaccination New Crown Vaccination Award 200 Yuan One.'” She said.

In addition to sending bonuses for vaccination and travel packages, there are also neighborhoods that are exposed to constant broadcasts through loudspeakers at the gates: “Vaccination will be used as a voucher to enter and leave the neighborhood, free vaccination until the end of this month.”

Netizen “Shanshan came late” ridiculed, “the party for the people to vaccinate really worried, from the beginning to send eggs to movie tickets, and then to award 100 cash, and now up to 200 yuan, you folks now the market is bullish, wait a little more, maybe a needle reward over a thousand over ten thousand, overnight riches also Not a dream ah!”

Mr. Wu, a citizen near the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan, told the Epoch Times that the vaccination incentive is a marketing strategy to attract some cheap people to play quickly.

The company also believes that whether it is luring or intimidating, “it is difficult to say whether these practices will work, after all, we do not dare to joke about life safety. It may vary from place to place, but the overall trend across the country is that the Chinese Communist Party is really anxious about the low number of people getting vaccinated, and it’s doing everything it can to trick people into getting vaccinated.”

He also described how his own community has been pushing and sending text messages at regular intervals to notify people to get vaccinated. “There are very few people around me who have gone to get the vaccine, and I am going to wait for the imported vaccine to come in to see if I can find connections to get the imported one.”

He analyzed that the CCP previously emphasized domestic vaccines and discredited foreign vaccines, but now it is going to introduce imported vaccines, “(which) shows that the CCP does want more people to get vaccinated and no longer cares whether it is domestic or not, (whether) it can fill up political achievements.”

“This should be partly because the actual epidemic is more serious than the official announcement, and partly because the CCP is really worried that after other countries have established mass immunization, the model of forced city closures is too costly to play.” He said.

The Chinese Communist Party does not report vaccine incidents

In Hong Kong, about 1.275 million doses of vaccines had been administered as of midnight on April 26. The Hong Kong Hospital Authority confirmed on April 27 that a cumulative total of 26 people died in Hong Kong after receiving the post-vaccine, 21 of whom received the mainland-made Kexing inactivated vaccine, while the remaining five received the Fubetai (BioNTech) vaccine. In addition, the Department of Health received a total of 2,131 reports of abnormal events (about 0.17% of the total vaccination doses).

On the mainland, as of April 24, more than 220 million doses of vaccines have been reported, but the Communist Party has not officially reported any abnormalities or deaths following vaccination with Chinese vaccines.

However, news of accidents with Chinese-made vaccines has been frequently exposed from various sources, including foreign media and private social media.

On April 22, a case of death caused by Chinese vaccine was disclosed by Korean media, in which a Korean expatriate living in Shanghai passed away on April 22, three days after receiving Chinese vaccine on April 19, who had no underlying disease.

On April 15, a netizen named “Yamashita Hananozi” also posted a question about the death of his 28-year-old brother (a soldier with no medical history) who died of a brain hemorrhage after receiving an inactivated vaccine from Sinopharm’s Beisheng at the Shenzhen Binhe Avenue Women’s and Children’s Social Health Center, which was also blocked by the authorities. The netizen later left a message stating that he had received warning calls from the border police and the Shenzhen Health Bureau.

The term “vaccine death” has now become a new internet banned term on the mainland. The Nanjing police microblogging account posted on April 20 that a Nanjing netizen, Pan Moumou, was recently administratively detained for 7 days after posting comments about vaccines causing deaths on a short video platform.

Current affairs commentator Henghe said, “It’s not surprising that there are problems with vaccines, it’s the cover-up that is feared. But the CCP is engaging in vaccine diplomacy to serve its politics, and vaccines are a tool for the CCP to expand its influence and power globally, so there cannot be negative cases and reports.