Businesses in Floyd Square neighborhood start fundraising, say soaring crime rate is killing business

Businesses in the George Floyd Plaza neighborhood, where Floyd was killed last year, say the neighborhood’s “crime rate is up” and business is failing. The owners opened a GoFundMe page to collect donations and explained the horrific crime situation around Floyd Square.

“Carjackings have almost tripled, and there is a high rate of car and catalytic converter theft. Reports of bullets whizzing through streets, businesses, innocent homes, and into cars and walls abound, and the constant gunfire day and night knows no season. Black businesses were not immune, windows were shot out indiscriminately, cars were stolen, and customers stopped coming near Floyd Square out of fear of the violence in the neighborhood and throughout the city.”

Floyd Square is now marked as an “autonomous zone,” and the left-wing radicals who reportedly control it have issued rules that whites must follow in the area.

The New York Post reported that “black businessmen who once thrived near Floyd Square say police have abandoned the area, creating a dangerous autonomous zone where crime has spiked and business has evaporated.”