Indian elite flee India, European countries restrict entry of Indian travelers

India’s second wave of the epidemic is so intense that the health care system has collapsed and many of India’s wealthy and Bollywood stars have fled the country on chartered or private planes.

The number of new cases of Wuhan pneumonia in India has exceeded 300,000 for several days in a row, with 323,144 new cases in the past 24 hours. The Economic Times of India and other media reports, the epidemic has many rich people and Bollywood stars, are looking for ways to leave India.

Robinson, the head of a private jet charter company, said his Indian clients don’t mind going anywhere or leaving India in any way as long as they can get them out of the country, and one even asked them to look into how to take him to the border by helicopter and then go elsewhere.

The head of the Indian charter service said the company had purchased more aircraft from abroad to meet demand. A 13-passenger charter from Mumbai to Dubai costs $38,000 and a six-passenger charter costs $31,000.

However, more and more countries and airports, including the United Kingdom, are closing flights to India due to the severity of the epidemic, making airline tickets more difficult to obtain and prices rising.

Germany has taken strict measures since April 26 to prevent foreign travelers from India from entering the country, and German citizens arriving from India must present a negative screening certificate to enter the country and be quarantined for 14 days.

In Belgium, 20 Indian nursing students tested positive for the Indian variant of the virus on April 22, and the Belgian government announced restrictions on April 27, temporarily banning travelers from India from entering the country. Switzerland announced on April 25 that the first case of Indian variant virus was found on a passenger in transit at the airport, and Switzerland is also considering further restrictions on travelers from India.