Why does it feel good to see a lower birth rate

A Zhihu user started the question “Why do some people feel good when they see a lower birth rate? “, in the comment section under the question many netizens “punch the tower “In the comment section under the question, many netizens expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the authorities and social reality, and their words were filled with the despair of young people towards the current situation.

The following comments were collected by Digital Times editors from the Internet.

OMG Capricorn: the first year when the first year is responsible for cleaning, the second year when the second year is responsible for cleaning, the third year when the third year is responsible for cleaning, the teacher also wondered it, obviously I am changing every year to a different grade cleaning, why do people look so unhappy?

Anonymous: A factory, recruiting workers to do twelve hours a day, the wage of two hundred. The workers’ dormitory has to pay for a flat of 20,000. Let your own relatives as a supervisor, the salary of more than 100,000. Relatives speak to you every day, I regret most is when this supervisor, I’m not interested in money, I envy you especially, you are blessed. You said that the distribution is not very fair, right? As a result, no one cares about you. Slowly, the workers are gone, began to get anxious, why no one is left? Why can’t all young people nowadays suffer? You have to struggle ah? What if the factory closes down without anyone? Just ask if you are happy? Even want to ask, why no one you do not know yourself? Some people may say that the low birth rate is bad for the country, feel good is hoping that the country is not good? We are all in the same boat, we work hard to repair the boat to fix the leak to scoop water, we want to live together; but some people desperately chisel holes, and make efforts to spoil the future of everyone; we see that the patch can not be over, let go, let’s play eggs! Then the boat chiseling a face of aggrieved, we are in the same boat ah, why do not you work hard, so that we all have to die? In reality, desperately sucking people’s blood to fill their wallets, so that people can not afford to have children, and then turn around and blame others do not have children do not contribute to the country. While sucking blood from you while lamenting that people are really bad nowadays, not personally draw blood out to make blood tofu to present, now how young people are so low awareness? How can the country develop when you are all like this? Although I am also going to die, but see you will also die, truly cool batch.

Qingcha: when I was a child: the textbook says that our country has many natural resources, but the number of people is huge, the world’s last per capita resources. Around: late marriage, late childbirth, fewer children, happy life. Adolescence: no early love. University: have a child warning expulsion. To graduate: unmarried childbirth, can not take the civil service. Worked: 996 in love: house prices doubled, blew. After a few years: rich, the second child open, I also 30. Summary: see, not my fault, it is the fault of society is XX. I just do not give birth, you take me what.

Queen Mary: It’s like you are surrounded by a person who has been doing evil for decades. Zhou people either weak, or lazy, no one can control him, we have to live in defiance. The result is that suddenly one day he suddenly got an incurable disease, the kind that can not be saved, no matter how much money is spent, with Chinese and Western medicine are not saved, this kind of belong to the heavenly harvest. Although you may still be bullied by him, but at least you know that he will soon be dead, the days are no longer as endlessly painful as before. You can pinpoint the day to calculate the time of his demise. If he becomes more aggressive in bullying you? That’s okay, at least we can die together. Whether you have faith or not, you feel the will of God at this moment. You’re cool on the original world really is the wrath of God ~

Experience plus 3 farewell: I also felt very cool at first, only later felt that it was far from enough, that is, not cool enough to mean. In addition, I must state that not getting married and not having children is a sign of patriotism. Why? I’ll give you the reasoning ha. Poor because of what? Because lazy, because not hard, but also because not smart. Then think about it, lazy people, people who do not work hard, not smart people. The children they produce, can they be educated well? Right? It will inherit the gene of poverty, laziness and clumsiness. As the saying goes, “The dragon gives birth to the dragon, the phoenix gives birth to the phoenix, and the son of a mouse will make a hole”. So, if we poor people are not married and do not have children, what kind of people are left to have children? They are all elites, rich people. So, as long as we poor people do not get married and do not give birth. Then, in a few decades, China will be the offspring of the elite, the second generation of the rich. Is this not good? So, do not have children, it is not only for their own responsibility to reduce, but also, for the sake of the motherland to prosper. In order to our country are all smart people, rich people. You see, is it so reasonable? The conclusion is obvious: not getting married and not having children is a sign of patriotism. So why do you think that the decline in fertility is not enough? This is to say: patriotism makes people feel good, but patriotism is a never-ending thing. It is said that the fertility rate has fallen, but to this extent, it is not enough, far from enough. That’s what I mean. So we not only have to set an example, and also to this patriotic truth, think of various ways to say to the people around you in easy-to-understand language. I love my country, patriotism is not a crime. Welcome patriots to leave a message to discuss, not patriotic people please do not give me a message. Don’t forget, this is CHINA, Emu demolition puttys ~ ~

Traveler,: long ago: “three and human market those who do a rest three do not work hard nor think about the future, every day to mix the young people are really a burden on society. ” Now: “I would like to call it a great god. “

Knight of Smoke Rem: Because lowering the fertility rate means starting to pay back the Malthusian bank’s “demographic dividend loan”, which is a good thing. Now the situation is, the loan has been borrowed, borrowed for a long time, the interest has generated a lot of, and you can not rely on it, it is better to pay back sooner than later, better to pay back immediately than to borrow another forced renewal. What? You do not want to pay back? Do not YA this completely impossible thing.

Spring is bright and beautiful: this feeling is like playing a game some people hang a hit ten, everyone is not playing, watching them there self-importance.

Lin qa: because more and more people realize that in a speeding car, keep this high speed not only passengers, but also fuel.

Song Wenjie: More and more people really understand the words “demographic dividend”. The population is their own, the dividend is someone else’s.

Lin Yi: Your child is drinking three types of milk powder, and no one knows what’s going on in the milk powder industry these days. The child you gave birth to was bullied in kindergarten but also said you create rumors. The hepatitis B vaccine that your child received at age 5 was told to be fake. You gave birth to a child who you emptied 6 wallets to attend elementary and middle school, while certain groups rely on your wallet to provide for 2709 suites. You gave birth to a child who was looked down upon by people wearing nike in middle school, but was asked to boycott nike. you gave birth to a child who had very nasty professors in college, and had luxury cars out the door with little pieces of paper for loans. You give birth to a child who is asked by the school to help international students study. The child you gave birth to was harassed at the school swimming pool and had to apologize. The child you gave birth to is out of school looking for a job living in a cheap rental house running around for a living indeed also has to be indoctrinated into mzism why not burn yourself. You gave birth to a child just in front of the hotel to look inside the 998 lobster was criticized by the security guards at a young age to see what this is not conducive to struggle. May I ask why you want to give birth to a child?

Cool: it has to be cool. The lower birth rate means that everyone does not want children. I myself single and a large number of brothers and sisters with me. Then I’m not so conspicuous!

Have ha ha have ha ha: our town, many people are through the succession system to obtain the current position. For example, the director of the power supply bureau took over his uncle’s class. Why his uncle did not give his son? Because his uncle did not have a son.

Pillow: We need to understand that the birth population is not the birth population, but the actual labor force. The labor force creates wealth, but where does the wealth created by so much labor force in China go? Is it in our own hands? Not really! Migrant workers can’t afford to buy a building even if they build it for a lifetime, but the capital has dozens of suites without muddy hands. With less labor, migrant workers can still get a subsistence wage, and they can’t starve to death even if they eat vegetables and steamed buns. Those people on the old man can not drive luxury cars, do not play beauty, do not go to enjoy, do not send their children abroad? No! No one, let the dog serve you, at least now I see many times, people are not as good as dogs.

Jiang too cat: anyway, every time I see the birth rate decline, I’m happy, even gloating, although I know it’s not good for me, together with the destruction!

Mochu front road without black powder: yesterday into the city, returned to tears full of towels. Those who are covered in roses are not silkworm breeders.

Three words: anyway are dead, that hold together to die is the most enjoyable.

Anonymous user: This is the silent revolt of the breeding animals.

Qingkong: because they are anxious. Nobita see fat tiger can not do anything to take you, Nobita is not happy?

Bluewoo: Watching many companies and factories make beating workers as livestock. They say there are people anyway. See the population of the Church of God people threatened that the future birth rate is lower, you will not be in a good position, will be unemployed. I would be happy to see a lower birth rate at this point. As for retirement in the future? I’m not sure that the treatment of the beaten workers will improve as the birth rate gets lower. But what I can say for sure is that with a lower birth rate, at least you and I will not have to compete with young people at the age of thirty-five, and more likely to work until retirement.

Guan Tang: When the time is gone, I and you will both die. To be able to witness the building will fall, we will leave even with a smile on our face.

Rabinovich riding a barrel: (dead water Wen Yiduo) This is a ditch of despair stagnant water, the breeze can not blow a half ripple down. How about throwing more broken copper, cool to splash your leftover scraps. Perhaps the copper to green into emerald, iron cans embroidered with a few petals of peach blossoms; and then let the grease weave a layer of roses, mold to him steamed some clouds. Let the stagnant water fermented into a ditch of green wine, floating full of pearl-like white foam; small pearls of laughter into large pearls, and stolen by the wine flower mosquitoes bite through. Then a ditch of desperate stagnant water, also boast a few distinct. If the frogs can not stand loneliness, and count the dead water called out the song. This is a ditch of desperate stagnant water, here is not the place of beauty, why not let the ugly to reclaim, see what world he made.

LAKY: Less births, better births, happier life. The lower fertility rate pushes for fewer and better births and more and more people to live happily for a lifetime. So people are happy to see a lower fertility rate, what’s wrong with that?

Anonymous user: Because that’s what they’re rebelling against. //Knowledgeable user: What is your purpose in posting this? Who instructed you to do this? What is your motive? Did you get permission from the authorities? Did they allow you to post it? Who is behind you and what are you trying to do by posting this? Who are you satirizing? What are you trying to subvert? To undermine what? What are you insinuating?

Only dare to YYCQ: Sure enough, the answer to tell the truth will be deleted. Then let’s be more euphemistic. Our great country has the best infrastructure in the world, the brightest future of development, the best basic education, the best leadership, it’s a land of hope. It’s the decreasing number of births that really doesn’t make sense, and those who don’t have children, you must all have taken Biden’s funding.

Knowing the user: I can not cure you, but God still can not cure you? Although we do not have children, but the joint effort to dig half of your graves, which is called losing less as a win, losing the rest of the less as a win.

Up peat: someone pressed the head bully me, I can not fight, but also can not look forward to his back to die?

x223333: I watched Ceausescu was beaten into a hornet’s nest more cool.

Dusty Desert: I came to Goose City to do only three things.

Ray light: Lao Tzu said thousands of years ago, the way of the heavens loss of surplus and fill the shortage. The way of man, the loss of deficiency and to serve the surplus. To humane to the way of heaven can call?

Qiyue: Enjoyment and giving go hand in hand, you can’t enjoy the demographic dividend and be able to not pay for the demographic decay.

Drunken Moon: Right. It’s not like we decided since. Hopefully, it’s you who won’t let me give birth, and it’s you who will let me give birth. The good things are for you, and the bad things are for me?

Night language: a farmer feeding chickens the night before killing them, said without thinking: “Eat, this is your last meal! “. The next day, see the chicken has been lying down and left a suicide note: “Master has eaten rat poison, you do not want to eat master, master is not fucking good. “When you know the decisions of others, you can make the most beneficial decision for yourself. — Nash equilibrium theory

Red feather white crane: Although a little bit of mind know full of mouth is exploited, but the body and mind to follow the capitalist blowing wind selling drugs is how absurd, but I still do not begrudge two more words. This kind of “father-hating” mentality, similar to the underground party of the Soviet citizens for the Soviet army every defeat and rejoice. In fact, they do not want anything but to make Brezhnev uncomfortable. Just like rebellious children who can’t smoke or play Internet cafes, they cheer for their parents to lose their jobs. As for the sun really went out, what would they do well ……Who cares who cares nothing?

Anonymous user: anonymous name, don’t ask, ask is today to see the list a 208w daily salary was broken defense undergraduate sinkhole professional environmental engineering to answer a wave do you know what word we have in the professional class? Population pollution class to feel that they live is a sin. The country’s implementation of the one-child policy is really great, too wise after graduation, it is painful, because too many people, simply can not find a job now the birth rate has fallen, is not this a good thing? It means that just like the treatment of air pollution sandstorm, we are as effective as ever in the treatment of pollution ah our country has changed for the better, why would not be happy about it? Of course is very happy ah!

Cang wrong: many people see the birth rate decline is very cool feeling in the end is a kind of pity-like revenge-type pleasure. The vain attempt to use this I kill myself, splash you with blood self-moved type of negative confrontation method, the heart actually secretly think or, see, the birth rate is so low, they should always be anxious about it, the next policy should always be introduced and then balabala… child rearing problem, itself should be a voluntary-based problem, when this problem is distorted by external factors This involuntary, even after solving the problems you think of money, house, women’s rights, you are still in a “symbolic order”. In this case, you are still not free…

Anonymous: Isn’t this the result of family planning. The lower birth rate means that in a decade or so kids will be able to work less hard and won’t have to be told to “get out or get out, there are plenty of people”. The word “cheap labor” will not appear in the textbooks in a decade or so. As for the rest, the dividends of a high birth rate will not be available to us ordinary people anyway. I hope that after the birth rate is low, we can live a decent life.

Spontaneous: Because, those who are covered in roses are not silkworm breeders. There are no idle fields in the sea, and farmers are still starving. There is no tile on the house. The stench of wine and flesh at the gate of the vermilion gate, and the bones of the frozen dead on the road. The family fields are all taxed, so I pick up this to feed my hunger. I was told every year that I had to work hard for silkworms, but I was covered in ramie. I hate to press the needle and thread year after year, but I make the clothes for others.

CCare: Because, the current social contradictions, class contradictions, including the contradictions of the birth of the population, are played out by themselves, Ali, Tencent, exploitation and oppression, 996 blessings, unattainable housing prices …… in the name of the community to do the dirty work of capital, the last such play Su Xiu is gone, life has nothing to look forward to, if you can If you can experience a big historical event is not a waste of life. I love this land does not mean that I love everything on this land, something must disappear, and not to have children is just a humble fart, big capitalist eyes of the leek, the eyes of the Internet companies without human rights “users The most effective means of resistance that I can think of is just. After all, some behemoths are not even afraid of the law, even raising a Pizza Hut and a bunch of retired senior officials, I and other farts really can not help. I don’t expect to be able to send it, so it is, after all, a certain Hu is also an Internet company.

Research CSY: see the Third Reich on the road to collapse, someone also stepped on the brakes, the result is Tesla, stepping on the gas pedal, in the outbreak of conflict towards extinction, the ashes on the ability to give birth to a new El Dia Empire, thus starting the next cycle of history, the district less than a hundred years, how dare to admit that they are orthodox?

Behemoth: “So I’m not the only one who is so tired” sense of identity.

Epicurean 2: This is called the doomsday carnival, not that he is not damaged, but he feels that finally most people are as miserable as he is, so happy.

Anti-corruption tube cadres: everyone is not born equal to everyone is born, in fact, there is no impact.

Xu Chen: Seeing that our basic national policy has been thoroughly implemented and has achieved long-term results, as a patriot is of course very cool.

Anonymous user: see him raise a tall building, see him feast guests, see his building collapsed. Isn’t that cool?

cherry boy: It’s cool to know that your struggle is paying off and that so many people are still fighting together.

2656: too cool, as long as the population is not renewed, as long as the population structure irreversible aging, you have more people are also liabilities, the elderly more young people will have to bear more pressure, can not be by sucking the blood of the third world to ease the contradictions, only unlimited inward volume, population changes in the whole world can not be reversed, no one will be delusional about how special they can avoid it? So many contradictions, no good population expectations to do backing, can meet the future certainly Kam but the free country across the Pacific, the whole of Europe and the United States are each other’s backing your opponent, what to take to fight for those of us who have become dividends naturally comfortable.

Knowing the user: that is not, economic data one by one shocked the world, a count per capita instantly pull crotch, the birth rate is reduced, per capita resources apportioned down you and I are more comfortable.

Laojiri: see how long this issue can live?