The epidemic is out of control and the number of infected people in India is threatened to exceed 500 million. The groom is confirmed to wear a protective suit for the wedding

Rows of bodies await cremation at a crematorium in New Delhi, India, April 28.

The outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus in India is out of control, with the number of confirmed cases exceeding 300,000 for six consecutive days and the number of deaths exceeding 3,000 on the 28th, bringing the Indian healthcare system to the brink of collapse. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) believe that the epidemic in India has been seriously underestimated and that the actual number of infected people could be as high as 530 million.

The Times of India reported on April 28 that India has added 362,770 confirmed cases of the Chinese communist virus (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) and 3,286 new deaths in the past 24 hours, setting a new record for the number of confirmed cases and deaths in a single day.

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan told CNN on the 26th that the outbreak in India is “grossly underestimated” due to limited detection capacity, and that the actual number of infections is likely to be 20 to 30 times higher than the official figure, which is 350 to 530 million. The actual number of infected people may be 20 to 30 times the official figure, or about 350 million to 530 million.

According to foreign media reports, a couple in India’s Madhya Pradesh state of Ladharan region held a wedding on the 26th, as the groom has tested positive, the couple eventually wore protective clothing, in the state of “full armor” to complete the ceremony.

The report said that in order to stop the spread of the epidemic, Madhya Pradesh and many parts of India to restrict social and religious gatherings, the state will participate in the wedding number reduced to 50 people. Local officials wanted to stop the wedding, but it was eventually held as usual with permission from higher-ups.

The bride and groom wore protective clothing to prevent the spread of infection, and the priest and several friends and relatives also wore protective clothing, limiting the number of participants to 10, with police officers on hand to “watch” the ceremony. A video of the wedding went viral on Twitter, sparking debate among netizens.

As the death toll continues to reach record highs, India’s ambulances and body trucks are in short supply. Recently, a 50-year-old Indian woman who died of an epidemic was taken to a crematorium on a motorcycle by her son and son-in-law with her body in between.

According to India Today, the incident took place in Srikakulam district in the southeastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where the woman was taken to the hospital on the 26th after showing symptoms. However, her condition deteriorated rapidly and she died before the diagnosis was made.

The woman’s family grievingly waited for an ambulance or any other vehicle to take her body to the crematorium, but to their surprise, none was available. In the end, her son and son-in-law had to personally ride their motorcycle and take her body between them to the crematorium for cremation.

Recently, similar tragic images have been seen frequently in India. Previously a man tied his father’s body to the roof of his car to carry to the crematorium, and a mother put her son’s body on a tricycle and took it to the crematorium.

A video on Twitter shows the bodies of India’s infected dead lined up in long lines on the ground, waiting to be cremated, not enough burners, many bodies were placed in the open field, burning with firewood, a horrific, bleak scene.