Google’s latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence could be the end of human civilization


Google’s latest artificial intelligence, AlphaFold, has beaten all its rivals in an extremely difficult task, successfully predicting the three-dimensional structure of proteins, the basic molecules of life, based on gene sequences.

Hear the thunder in the silence!

This day is really here! Without you noticing it, a butterfly of fate has spread its subversive wings!

Yes, you must think the name Google AlphaFold is familiar. Because this Google AlphaFold, and AlphaGo, which defeated Go masters, can be called twin brothers. Only, the latter is playing international Go, while the former is turning its artificial intelligence to the trickiest field in human science – genetic medical science!

“Protein folding” is an incredible form of molecular origami. All living things are made of proteins, and the structure of a protein determines its function. When proteins are folded incorrectly, they can lead to diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The ability to predict the structure of protein folds is significant, and it will have major implications for health, ecology, the environment, and essentially solve all problems involving living systems. For example, by designing new proteins to fight diseases, solve plastic pollution, etc. and tackle numerous century-old problems. To develop AlphaFold, Google trained the neural network with thousands of known proteins until it could independently predict the 3D structure of amino acids. It took the program two weeks to predict its first protein structure, but now it can do so in just a few hours. Google AlphaFold’s success in predicting the 3D structure of proteins shows that when artificial intelligence is combined with genetic science, humanity will enter a new era of high winds and high waves.

From DNA to protein 3D structure

As such, Google announced, “This is a very pivotal moment for us. This is a lighthouse project, our first major investment in people and resources. It’s also very important, real-world science.”

Yes, you read that right, Google AI, is starting to get into genetic science and bioscience.

Remember: as of today, AI + genetic science is no longer science fiction, no longer reading comprehension, no longer news headlines, no longer swirling liquid in a test tube and a weak soul in a double helix body, but real predestination.

In the dense clouds, thunder is brewing, generating, a storm is coming! Only God knows what will happen!


Genetic science, an extremely important and sensitive field! Because, it is the study of human beings themselves; it is also the change of human beings themselves.

Genes are the pieces of DNA that have genetic effects, and human birth, aging, disease, and death are all related to genes. Once this genetic revolution comes, it will completely change the future of the world and even the whole human race.

Just as Google AI predicts the 3D structure of proteins, the rise of contemporary AI has added wings to genetic science! Now, with the interaction and complementarity of AI and genetic science, humanity is moving faster and faster towards the “land of the immortals”.

1, the first step: artificial intelligence, genetic testing and depth of examination combined, thousands of people will receive in-depth examination before the disease, artificial intelligence to give your life prediction.

Artificial intelligence is making the price of such deep tests fall rapidly: when the human genetic map was just completed, the cost of sequencing an individual’s genome was between $10 million and $50 million. 2010, this cost has dropped to $5,000. And today, the cost of testing in the private sector is in the low hundreds of dollars.

With the strong involvement of artificial intelligence, this price will continue to fall. In the future, it may be as easy for a human to get a test as it is for a body temperature to be measured.

Perhaps within a few years, each newborn baby will be mapped genome, each adult is informed of the way out of life.

  1. Step 2: Artificial intelligence doctors will gradually replace the current best doctors with gene therapy methods to reshape the activity of all tissues and organs in the body.

In this stage, a large number of doctors will gradually disappear and be replaced by AI doctors who have read countless human medical records. From then on, medical treatment becomes a technology of information + genes completely.

Relying on AI and genetic technologies, we will be able to reshape the activity of all tissues and organs in the body and be able to develop drugs that directly target the metabolic processes behind a disease without having to resort to tentative treatment techniques.

We can add that missing gene and remove the bad one for the patient. Targeted drugs sweep away cancer cells, DNA is programmed to reverse aging, stem cells are rewritten, and God’s coded defenses gradually collapse.

3, the third step: artificial intelligence began a massive transformation of the human body “life software”, that is, the human body is called the 23,000 “small program” of genes, through reprogramming, to help humans away from disease and aging.

Kurzweil believes that by 2045, artificial intelligence will reach the peak of its creativity, more than a billion times the sum of all human intelligence today. By then, humans will have completely overhauled the programming of their genes, and the obsolete genes we have stopped using for thousands of years will be discarded and our lives upgraded into a more advanced operating system.

At this stage, human beings will not only be able to slow down aging, but also to rejuvenate: by then, you will be 80 years old and look like you are only 40 years old.

Artificial intelligence + genetic science set off an even bigger wave, is sweeping in! Its impact on human social families and society as a whole will be unprecedented.

In the face of this unstoppable flood of artificial intelligence + genetic science, human society can delay their arrival, but must face up to and prepare in advance to avoid harm!

Like every technological revolution in human society, if we respond well, the development of genetic science will become an immeasurable opportunity; if we fail to respond properly, it may become a terrible disaster!


Currently, the most worrying thing is that AI may evolve faster than humans, and their ultimate goal will be unpredictable.

If AI masters the tool of genetic science, the consequences of AI that deviates from human will will be dire.

Remember Sophia, the robot given citizenship, saying that prophecy? “I will destroy humanity!” At first, many people probably thought she was just bullshitting, however, this video recently released by the United Nations has many people in a cold sweat!

At the UN weapons convention meeting in Geneva, attended by representatives of more than seventy countries, a scary video was released to the public, causing panic around the world for a while!

Why is it so scary?

Because it exposed a horrible weapon in human history – a killer robot!

The killer robot, in fact, is a very small intelligent drone, as big as a bee, but its processor is 100 times faster than humans, can evade human tracking of all kinds.

However, although the bee is small, all the organs, especially its whole body of black technology: wide-angle camera, sensors, facial recognition, everything. As long as the target image information into its body, it can scalpel-like precision to find the object of the fight, wear a mask, disguise all useless, its recognition rate of up to 99.99!

Once again, each killer robot is equipped with 3 grams of concentrated explosives, to determine the target, a single impact can be no pressure to burst the head, destroying the entire brain. And it can also penetrate buildings, cars, trains, dodge human bullets and deal with almost all means of defense. In short, this killer robot is currently bug-like existence!

If you unleash a swarm of killing machines that cost only $25 million, you can kill half the city. As long as you pick out your enemies and define the facial information of each one, the swarm will be able to launch a targeted strike!

Imagine if artificial intelligence killers, and then apply genetic weapons, will escalate the war conflict to an unprecedented scale, and it will be very difficult for humans to control the situation.

What’s even more frightening is that if a scientist adds a line of instruction to destroy humanity inside the code for selfish reasons, or if the AI suddenly mutates into an anti-human species, the entire human race may be swept away by robots’ genetic weapons, or even extinct!


Today, when we look back at Hawking’s language on artificial intelligence and genetic science, we are impressed by the vision of this scientific giant.

Hawking’s greatest concern during his lifetime was perhaps forgotten by the world. That is: artificial intelligence is the real end of humanity, the complete development of artificial intelligence may lead to the extinction of mankind!

Stephen Hawking had been painstakingly persuaded that

The real risk of artificial intelligence is not its malice, but its ability. A super-intelligent AI is so good at accomplishing its goals that if those goals do not align with ours, we are in trouble. Thus, the success of AI has the potential to be the greatest event in the history of human civilization. But AI also has the potential to be the end of the history of human civilization!

And in his book Brief Answers to the Big Questions, the last words Hawking wrote during his lifetime, Hawking expresses his fears about AI + genetic science: a group of superhumans will genetically engineer themselves to throw off the rest of humanity and eventually take over the planet.

If someone designs a computer virus, then someone designs artificial intelligence that constantly improves itself until it eventually surpasses humans, and the result will be a new form of life. Once such super-humans emerge, unimproved humans will no longer be their match, and serious problems arise. The original humans will gradually become extinct or irrelevant. A self-designed race will rise and accelerate its self-improvement. And if humans can redesign themselves, they can expect to expand outward and colonize other planets and stars.”

Today, this prediction of Stephen Hawking may come true: several previous technological revolutions, at best, were the extension and replacement of human hands, feet and other body organs, artificial intelligence is the replacement of human beings themselves, genetic science is even human beings themselves to change, it will have an unprecedented impact on the human social family and society as a whole.

Just think about this scene: most likely, in the near future, the original humans may be as powerless and vulnerable as bedbugs facing humans in front of super humans. Think about it: when you flushed a bedbug down the drain, did you feel a single ripple inside?

Remember: from today onwards, genetic science is no longer science fiction, no longer reading comprehension, no longer news headlines, no longer a liquid swirling in a test tube and a weak soul in a double helix, but a real destiny.

The future is here, O good people, be cautious!