“Zero deaths”? More than 200 million vaccinated in China, informants reveal the inside story

An announcement by the Communist Party’s National Health Commission shows that China has received 204 million doses of vaccines as of the 21st.

As the Communist Party’s virus epidemic continues to rage, Beijing is engaged in vaccine diplomacy and is forcing people to get vaccinated. At present, more than 200 million doses of vaccines have been administered in China, but the authorities have not reported any deaths after use. Some informed sources on the mainland have revealed a dark secret behind the “zero deaths”.

According to an April 22 announcement by the Communist Party’s National Health Commission, as of April 21, the number of people vaccinated with the Communist Party’s virus had reached 200 million and four million doses. The announcement did not report any deaths.

On April 27, Radio Free Asia reported that Mr. Mu, a citizen of Jinan, Shandong Province, who was selected by the street office as a volunteer for vaccination, revealed that community residents are reluctant and fearful of vaccination. Medical professionals with knowledge of pathology were the most helpless, knowing that the Kexing vaccine was not developed in compliance and had many potential hazards, but had to be administered.

Mr. Mu described how the bonuses of street cadres were linked to the number of people vaccinated, and the authorities arranged for volunteers to set up registration stations at major shopping malls and vegetable markets and other high-traffic areas, constantly asking passersby, “Young man, have you planted the vaccine?”

Retired elderly people, on the other hand, would go out on the streets and knock on doors to register, and would also call their friends and relatives to fulfill the vaccination targets from their superiors. Old men and women in the streets would also use “seedlings” instead of vaccines to persuade people to get vaccinated, just like coaxing children. Under the pressure, some people muddle through by falsifying data, while others at the top put the blame on the citizens at the bottom.

The most annoying thing is that people in the system, especially those in the medical industry, understand that vaccines are unsafe and they don’t take them. But others do not play, he gave you a note, for example, you have to be assessed in two years, promotion are affected.

Many doctors and nurses do not dare not to fight, they are also very difficult. A lot of people have switched to playing immunoglobulin, which is all the leaders do. The people who suffer are the ones underneath, who are not qualified to choose. Because of the extensive counterfeiting, the head of the hospital, including the director of the local health bureau are responsible for stepping down.

Mr. Mu pointed out that the authorities lack transparency in the information on vaccines, and the policy changes from one day to the next, and the people at the bottom are tormented.

He said: “We say it’s voluntary, but it’s not voluntary. The funniest thing is that they say that we can’t get this batch of vaccines, and then they tell people to wait, and they tell you that they have to get three shots now. And then a new batch said, this batch is safer than the last batch, this batch is more effective than the last batch.

Mr. Mu said that the authorities change while playing, just like the new arrival of the cook, he cooked while he changed the recipe. The recipe is changed day and night, taking these people tossed around for fun.

The announcement of the Communist Party’s National Health Commission shows that as of the 21st, China’s vaccination has reached 200 million 4 million doses.

Vaccination has now become a must-have travel pass in mainland China and a hard indicator for work and study. Vaccination has been mandatory across China since late March, and although the Communist Party has not reported any deaths, the Internet has frequently exposed related cases.

On April 22, Yonhap News Agency reported that a South Korean expatriate living in Shanghai, China, died at home on April 22 after receiving a vaccine developed by a Chinese pharmaceutical group at a hospital in Shanghai on April 19.

On April 15, a netizen named “Yamashita Hananozi” said that his 28-year-old brother (a soldier with no medical history) died on April 15 after receiving an inactivated vaccine against the Chinese Communist Party’s virus at the Shenzhen Binhe Avenue Women’s and Children’s Social Health Center.

A Twitter user broke the news that a worker in the workshop of Beijing Sany Heavy Industry was injected with Kexing vaccine on March 21 and died on March 23; another user said that someone in Tianjin No. 1 Hospital was vaccinated and died suddenly 2 days later.

Wang Dajun, a 43-year-old villager from Lingxi Village, Guiyunhua Township, Zhuanghe City, Dalian, Liaoning Province, died on the day of vaccination. The family asked for an explanation and was threatened by officials.

In addition, there are many other news about side effects after vaccination with CCP-made vaccines, such as cases of pimples, red rash, fever and headache all over the body, but these were deleted soon after they were sent out.

Officials have not only failed to report a single confirmed case of vaccination or death, but are also arresting netizens for posting cases of vaccination-related deaths.

On April 20, the microblogging account “Nanjing Net Police Patrol Enforcement” posted that a Nanjing netizen, Pan Moumou, had recently posted comments on a short video platform about vaccines causing deaths and was administratively detained for 7 days.

In addition, in Hong Kong, more than 1.3 million doses of vaccines have been administered since vaccinations began on Feb. 26, and at least 25 people have died after receiving the vaccine, 21 of whom were given Coxin and 4 of whom were given Fibrate.

Pakistan, which began using the CCP-produced vaccine in early February, is currently experiencing a third wave of the outbreak, with the national infection rate rising to 11 percent, the highest level since the outbreak began. More than 20 cities have been “closed” due to the severity of the outbreak.

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have both tested positive for the virus after receiving vaccinations against the Chinese national drug.

Most people in Brazil, Chile and Turkey have been vaccinated with the Chinese Communist Party’s national vaccine, but the number of confirmed cases in these countries is rising daily.

Former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra and his wife were among the first foreign dignitaries to receive the Chinese-made vaccine, and on April 25, Vizcarra tweeted, “Despite taking the necessary protective measures to avoid bringing the virus home, both my wife and I have tested positive.”