Japan’s Defense Ministry: Liaoning’s New Track from Pacific to East China Sea

On the morning of the 26th, in addition to the U.S. Burke class destroyer, the Ticondero class cruiser “escorted” the Liaoning.

The movements of the Liaoning, a Chinese aircraft carrier traveling in the South China Sea, have been a source of concern amid tensions in the South China Sea. Japan’s Ministry of Defense announced on the 27th that the Liaoning has been spotted sailing from the Pacific Ocean to the East China Sea and that it is closely monitoring its movements. The U.S. Seventh Fleet also deployed destroyers, cruisers and reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the entire process.

According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) Togai Shogunate said in a news release on the 27th that the Liaoning and its strike group, six ships in total, had sailed north from the Pacific Ocean past Okinawa and Miyakojima and headed for the East China Sea. Earlier this month, the Liaoning’s battle group also sailed south along the same route.

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force frigates and P-3C patrol planes are closely monitoring the Liaoning’s movements.

The report also said that on the morning of the 27th, after a Chinese early warning helicopter was spotted taking off from the Liaoning, the JASDF fighter jets took off in an emergency response, but the Chinese helicopter flew close to the Diaoyu Islands Taisho Island, 50-100 kilometers north of Japanese airspace, and did not enter Japanese territorial waters, nor did it act dangerously towards the JASDF ships or fighter jets.

U.S. military sends destroyers, cruisers, reconnaissance planes to monitor Liaoning

According to the New Tang Dynasty website, on the morning of April 27th, a group called “New. On the morning of April 27, a military netizen named “New 7 Military Miscellany” shared a satellite image on his Facebook page, indicating that the U.S. Seventh Fleet’s Burke class destroyer and Ticonderoga class cruiser were “escorting” the Liaoning at close range on the morning of April 26. On the morning of the 27th, RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. 7th Fleet took off from Okinawa Island to monitor the Liaoning, which was traveling near Miyako Island, accompanied by a KC-135T refueling aircraft.

Earlier, the Twitter account “shiwenye3” shared a high resolution image and a video of the Liaoning ship. The video captures the entire landing of the Liaoning aircraft carrier by Chinese J-15s. Dr. Bo, a Twitter user who follows military topics, said that the Liaoning’s takeoff and landing was filmed in its entirety, showing that the Communist forces are incapable of expelling the aircraft.