Who is better AutoCAD or CAXA software? What’s the good part?

AutoCAD (Autodesk Computer Adied Design) is an international automatic computer-aided design software, mainly used for 2D drawings, 3D design (how I used this module). It is used in civil, mechanical, construction, water conservancy and aerospace fields, and has now been updated to the 2020 version.
CAXA, on the other hand, is designed and developed by Beijing Digital Fangfa Science and Technology Co Ltd. for relatively narrow applications.

Their differences are described below.

AutoCAD has the highest market share compared to CACA, but the price of genuine software is also higher.

AutoCAD’s auto-save format is DWG, while CAXA’s auto-save format is EXB; DWG is a common 2D drawing format, while EXB is a CAXA-specific format, so you need to pay attention to it when you use CAXA to save 2D drawings.

3, AutoCAD can download their own plug-ins to improve the efficiency of the drawing, and CAXA comes with standard parts library, tolerance (size and shape and location tolerances), title bar, such as detailed tables.

4, AutoCAD needs to design its own layers, while CAXA layers have been set up to use directly.

In the end, these two software just translate their design concepts into drawings, both software are good, mainly depends on personal habits. But both need to be skillfully applied to improve their design ability is the main thing, after all, most people can draw.