Rasmussen Poll: Republicans far more supportive of police than Democrats 84% of Republicans say police “important”

The National Pulse reported on April 23 that a Rasmussen poll showed that 84 percent of Republicans believe police officers perform a highly important job in the United States, while only half of Democrats agree with that statement.

One of the questions in this survey was, “Are police officers, by any chance, one of the most important jobs in our country today?”

Overall, a majority, 62 percent overall and 67 percent of whites surveyed, said “police work is important. However, only 49 percent of the black population believes that policing is important.

When broken down by political party, the gap is even wider, with 84 percent of Republicans saying police work is important and only 50 percent of Democrats agreeing with that sentiment, instead the percentage of Democrats who think policing is unimportant is 34 percent.

Another question in the poll was, “How concerned are you about the growing criticism that police officers are attracting, which could lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety in your community?”

Most people answered “worried,” at 63 percent of the overall population and 67 percent of whites. The black community is no exception, with 52 percent of blacks equally concerned about the impact of the police shortage, including 32 percent who are “very concerned.

By party, 84 percent of Republicans are concerned about the negative impact of criticism of police officers, while only 52 percent of Democrats are concerned.

In addition, the Rasmussen poll shows that Republicans are actually far more committed to supporting the police than Democrats.