Pompeo: China’s threat to the United States is far more serious than the “climate problem

The White House-sponsored climate summit of global leaders came to a close on Friday, April 23. Although Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping attended and spoke at the meeting, he showed no willingness to cooperate with the United States. Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out sharply that the military and economic threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party to the United States are far more serious than the issue of “climate change.

Pompeo made the comments in an interview with Fox News host Bill Hemmer. Hemmer said President Biden recently tweeted, “America is back, back in the Paris agreement, working with the world on the climate crisis.” He then asked Pompeo, “Do you think the climate issue is indeed urgent?”

Pompeo replied, “Everyone wants pure air and safe, clean water, but it would be a huge mistake to put the climate issue ahead of the range of threats that the United States faces.” He further explained, “The Chinese Communist Party already poses a huge threat to the United States by flaunting its military and destroying U.S. infrastructure, and those are far more serious than climate change.”

Additionally, Pompeo argued that the issue of the refugee crisis on the U.S. southern border, which is also more pressing than the climate issue, has been slow to be addressed by the Biden administration.

Hemmer also mentioned that he had no idea what Xi meant by his remarks at the climate summit and asked Pompeo for his opinion. Pompeo, for his part, replied that while he also did not understand what Xi was saying, from what he knows about Xi, “whatever is going on in his head, but he is in the U.S.-China engagement to expand the power of the Chinese Communist Party to hurt the United States and to claim hegemony around the world.”

Pompeo believes that Xi’s participation in the climate summit is not about any climate agreement at all, “He [Xi] didn’t come to the meeting for a climate agreement, he didn’t come for the benefit of the United States, and he didn’t come for the benefit of the Chinese people …… As a dictatorial, Marxist-Leninist regime, Xi is all about replacing the United States as a world superpower.”

Pompeo said that based on his past experience dealing with the Chinese Communist Party, it will not fulfill any of the commitments made at the climate summit. So he argued that the U.S. “needs to see real action” and that “America’s security and prosperity depends on monitoring the CCP’s actual actions rather than listening to its rhetoric,” which is “just slogans that it won’t actually implement. .

He also reminded the Biden administration that it must “practice what it preaches” in order to maintain U.S. deterrence in the face of the Chinese Communist Party. And the Trump administration has done just that. He said, “Appeasement only brings war, and power comes from deterrence.” He hopes the Biden administration makes it clear to all nations that American leaders deliver on what they say.

As a known hawk on the Chinese Communist Party in the Trump administration, Pompeo is well versed in the ways of the Communist Party and its ambitions. Before he left office on Jan. 19, he repeatedly reminded the Biden administration that it must take seriously the “existential threat” posed by the Chinese Communist Party to the United States.

Pompeo said at the time, “The threat from the Chinese Communist Party is real to the United States. We have to get this right.” “I hope the next administration continues our work and continues to build on what we’ve done in the right way that the American people are asking for.”