The three delivery giants blocked the rabbit, what about our Double Eleven Express?

On the occasion of the approaching double eleven, netizens are busy buying, electric businessmen in the obvious play of you and me, vow to double eleven this big cake to bite down firmly a piece.

At the moment no one noticed the undercurrent of the courier industry, but this is a rare formation of the “more than one” situation.

On Oct. 19, Yunda issued a “Notice on Prohibiting the Agency of the Rabbit Business” on its intranet, officially blocking the delivery of the rabbit. This makes Yunda the third “Tongda” express company to explicitly ban the agency of the rabbit business from the headquarters level.

The notice requires that Yunda Express subordinate franchise companies (including contracted area) shall not join the rabbit network and contracted area in any form for any reason, and the two ends of the package shall not be used for any reason, any form of agent of the rabbit express business.

The statement by Yunda is not only tough on the rabbit, but also tough on its own agency network, but all of them will be punished if they are found to secretly represent the rabbit express.

It’s no less ruthless, as the saying goes, cutting people off from their money is like killing their parents, and it’s just a matter of how much we share the cake together.

The Four Express has sent the rabbit to the guillotine this time even-handed not suddenly for the sake of it, but has long been fed up with the hare and had to choke it down and get to the heart of the matter.

What’s the story of Rabbit Express? It’s led to a manhunt by the bigwigs.

Founded in 2007, Ji rabbit express is a Southeast Asian head of e-commerce delivery company, the founder of Li Jie was formerly the founder of OPPO Indonesia.

To put it bluntly, this is a foreign company, the rabbit in the domestic express “four-way” forming a case with a dirt-rich gold came in, a look at the e-commerce platform with pdd, Taobao, jingdong, thinking that it is not cost-effective to spell up, in the blink of an eye, cast their eyes on the express industry.

The domestic four-way is still in the cake for the logistics of the fight for the head, but all right, we all understand that the heart of a ruler never easily crossed the line, so we all still have to eat.

But the arrival of this rabbit, but let everyone has no food, the rabbit express with a large amount of money for the pdd platform, is nothing more than two words – money.

The rabbit’s unstoppable offensive, only one year to seize a large number of market, so that the back of the four-way oozed cold sweat.

The three courier giants blocked the polar rabbit, what should we do about our Double Eleven Express?
Both SiTong and Jingdong have their own logistics systems, so what about the pole rabbit?

Or two words – money, the extreme rabbit does not need to personally build warehouses plant, rely on buy, rely on crazy acquisition, in all sizes of cities crazy harvest from the four-way market.

It can be said that a road has been paved with money, and it just so happens that pdd also needs a friendly merchant with such a strong capital, and the two have started their own rogue tactics at once.

The rise of the pdd rely on goods cheap to attract the masses, to promote today’s scale, forcibly snatched a cake from Ali’s hands.

The four-way has taken shape in the country, thunderbolt, pole rabbit also want to copy pdd’s approach to force grab a piece down, anyway, there is money.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have the right tools to do what you want.

We four up to fight for so many years, and now almost only subsided, the results come out of a wealthy two rash, put who does not disturb?

The pole rabbit is united with the pdd desperately compressing the delivery unit price and grabbing the jobs in the delivery industry, and look at this momentum is to burn a way out!

A four-way look at it, what else is it? After many fights, we found out that the rabbit is really uninhabitable, he can not only be cheaper than you, but also have a continuous injection of funds, how do you think this battle will be fought?

That’s why the joint blockade of the rabbit was staged, but it’s just a reprieve.

For us consumers, the emergence of the rabbit has indeed broken the original system of the courier industry and caused chaos in the market, but this does not mean that we can not benefit from it.

On the contrary, the emergence of competitors is the best thing for consumers, and only when there is competition will there be no monopoly.

Just like today’s takeaway, without hungry people barely checks and balances the U.S. group, the price would still be what it is today?

All we consumers care about is which delivery is cheaper and better service, and we’re really not interested in blocking anyone as far as we’re concerned.