Pompeo’s plan didn’t work! Japan and South Korea do not want to offend China?

Foreword: The United States has begun to do whatever it can to be able to restrict the development of Chinese companies, especially China’s leading telecommunications company Huawei, the United States has repeatedly asked other countries not to allow the use of Huawei’s communications equipment, and even wanted these countries to exclude Huawei when building 5G technology, but this request is not many countries to respond, most countries have clearly expressed their rejection of such a request by the United States.

Japan rejects U.S. request

Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he would expand the Clean Internet Program to include more countries to prevent Chinese tech companies from posing a threat to US security, according to Globe. Not only does it join the program itself, but the U.S. also wants its own allies to join. Japan’s Foreign Minister Shigeru Toshimitsu and Pompeo negotiations, has made his attitude clear, Japan will not join in, if the U.S. plan after a change, Japan will also consider some.

Pompeo’s scheme did not work! Japan and South Korea do not want to offend China?
Incidentally, South Korea has also made a statement that the South Korean government cannot interfere with which country’s equipment is used by South Korean companies. And in fact, many South Korean companies are using Huawei equipment. It seems, the United States in the Asian region’s best allies have not chosen to join the U.S. network cleanup plan, the outside world have said Japan and South Korea do not want to offend China, and even in the 5G issue refused to “choose sides.

The US trend

Originally, the United States could be considered very powerful and could do many things with its influence. But with Trump coming to power and his crazy pursuit of “unilateralism”, it has made many countries dislike the US.

Pompeo’s scheme didn’t work! Japan and South Korea do not want to offend China?
Now the US is still deluded that they are standing between China and the US. For Japan and South Korea, of course, know how important China is to them, the future economic recovery also need China’s help, especially they are still in an economic circle with China, more will not be offended by the United States, China, no benefit to them, this Pompeo scheme did not succeed.

U.S. vain attempt to dominate the world

In this case, the U.S. Attorney General has stated that China is so powerful and has become a leader in the field of science and technology, which is a great threat to the U.S. and will even affect the U.S. position in the world. However, the U.S. will certainly not give up and will still put pressure on Japan and South Korea in an attempt to get the other side to join in.

Pompeo’s scheme didn’t work! Japan and South Korea do not want to offend China?
Even American scholars are looking down on this outrageous behavior, and have said that the most important goal of the United States should be to bring the epidemic under control, as well as a revived economy. This requires the United States to strengthen cooperation with China, rather than confrontation with China, which will make the relationship between the United States and China very tense. The fact that China was able to recover during the epidemic speaks volumes. If the U.S. increases sanctions against China and does not cooperate with China, then the U.S. economic recovery process will be very long.