Saudi shopping app list at a glance, half of the top 15 are Chinese e-commerce companies

Saudi e-commerce has been a big hit this year, with inflation in Saudi Arabia due to a tripling of VAT and an average price increase of 6% in the third quarter compared to 0.9% in the second quarter, with food and beverage prices being particularly affected.

With 25.6 million customers in Saudi Arabia, e-commerce penetration will reach 73.5%. A host of e-commerce platforms such as Express, KUL, Jollychic, and Fordeal are doing brisk business, and independent fashion and maternity sites are soaring to the top of the list.

Saudi shopping app list, half of the top 15 are Chinese e-commerce companies
Looking at the top 15 Saudi shopping app list, eight of them are Chinese e-commerce platforms.

1, Adorawe.

Fast fashion e-commerce platform from Shenzhen, offering men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and bags and other categories, previously focused on the European and American markets, recently turned its attention to the Middle East market, its app supports Arabic and English, localization is underway. Its app supports Arabic and English, and localization is underway. It currently supports cash on delivery, Paypal and other payment methods.


Relying on the 3C and apparel supply chain of Guangshen Huaqiang North and Thirteen Lines, it has the natural advantage of exporting non-standard products. With 24 months to sweep the six Gulf countries, monthly sales exceeded 200 million, completed five rounds of financing, an average of every six months to obtain financing, in August 2019 was listed as the AppStore shopping app Top 1, this operation is really a great scream.


Shein, from Nanjing, is now a leading fashion e-commerce player, and its product selection is strictly on the list of major factories, ranking thirteen on the list of China’s Top 50 companies going abroad in 2020.

  1. Hibobi

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, the company is committed to providing consumers with the right products through supply chain upgrades and data development, positioning itself to become the world’s largest one-stop high-end maternity and baby shopping brand.

In March of this year, the company announced that it had closed a multi-million dollar round of Pre-a financing, led by Orderplus, with Reed Stone Ventures and Zero1 Capital as followers and EY Capital as the exclusive financial advisor.


From the same company as Fordeal, the company offers over 5,000,000 diverse products in a variety of categories including clothing, accessories, makeup, shoes and bags, home, mother and baby, electronics and more to consumers around the world, with the selling point being ultra-low bottom prices.


A fast-fashion women’s cross-border e-commerce platform from Nanjing, operating on a B2C model, with three websites in English, French and Spanish, positioned primarily in Europe and the US but also popular with consumers in the Middle East, was acquired by Shein in 2016.

7, Chicy.

From Beijing Scuffle Information Technology Co Ltd, which is part of the same family as Middle East Dark Horse Aj Mall. The platform is mostly for costume jewelry, shoes and bags, dresses and gloves, etc., with good prices.

8、Quick Sell

Ali express started the “Oil Plan” for the Middle East market in 2018, which has now developed into the second phase. Key investment categories to clothing, jewelry, maternal and child, household, 3C digital, automotive electronics, April so far, the monthly GMV of the Saudi market is still hitting record highs.

Saudi shopping app list at a glance, half of the top 15 are Chinese e-commerce companies
According to statista, Saudi Arabia’s market share of cross-border e-commerce, 46% of Saudi consumers choose China for cross-border shopping, 20% choose to shop from the US, and only 10% choose to shop from the UAE.