Huawei meets setback in Italy, 5G deal vetoed by Italian government

The Italian government has blocked the signing of a 5G core network supply agreement between the country’s telecoms operator Fastweb and Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, two people with knowledge of the matter have revealed.

At a cabinet meeting held late on Thursday (October 22) local time, the Italian government used its special censorship powers to block a supply agreement between Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb and Huawei on the most sensitive part of its fifth-generation mobile network, sources said, according to a Reuters report on October 23. A senior Italian government source said: “The government vetoed the action and asked Fastweb to diversify its suppliers.” The commentary said it was the clearest signal yet that the Italian government was taking a tougher stance against Huawei. Neither Huawei nor Fastweb had responded to the news as of 06:00 BST on October 24.