Finally, the Communist Party of China has moved to censor “Apple” and senior officials of the Party media have made moves to create public opinion

A reporter from “Apple” said bluntly that the stay is to give hope to everyone, there are still voices in Hong Kong against unreasonable things.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on Thursday foretold that she would strengthen the supervision of the media’s handling of matters related to national security, followed by Commissioner of Police Tang Ping-keung, who criticized Apple Daily by name for “serving outside forces” and “smearing the police force. Ta Kung Pao, the party media controlled by the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, took over and published an article advocating the “banning” of Apple Daily. There is speculation that Beijing will formally “take action” against Apple. Some Apple reporters said that they wanted to give people hope by staying behind, and that there are still voices in Hong Kong that oppose unreasonable things.

On the same day that Next Media founder Lai Chi-ying was sentenced to one year in prison for the “8.18 unauthorized assembly case on Hong Kong Island,” his media organization, Apple Daily, faced another round of sniping from the pro-China faction and even Hong Kong law enforcement agencies.

Deng Bingqiang criticized Apple by name for “serving outside forces to smear the police force”.

After the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Tang Ping-keung, criticized Apple Daily by name on the National Education Day (15th) (hereinafter referred to as National Education Day) for speculation, misleading and provoking trouble, he again criticized a newspaper headline in the Legislative Council on Friday (16th) for smearing a group of students who went to the police force on National Education Day “to have a good time and be innocent as if they were related to the ‘black violence’. The newspaper’s headline once again pointed directly at Apple Daily.

Deng Bingqiang said: many external forces use Hong Kong agents, using fake news, fake news methods to incite hatred, divide society, the whole create conflicts, intimidate people who speak the truth. I finished yesterday, today read the newspaper are fulfilled one by one. For people who try to use fake news to endanger the security of Hong Kong, we will definitely investigate fully, once there is evidence will be arrested and prosecuted.

However, Deng Bingqiang was asked on Thursday (15) whether the future to the media to make arrests, he stressed that the remarks are not directed at any sector, and that his remarks are not accusations, but “the facts”.

Lam Cheng declared that the future to strengthen the supervision of the media related to national security matters handling

In addition, Chief Executive Carrie Lam also gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the National Education Day, foreshadowing that in accordance with Hong Kong’s national security law “to strengthen the publicity, guidance, supervision and management of schools, social groups, the media, the Internet and other matters related to national security handling”.

Pro-China media, groups take over sniping Ta Kung Pao commentary: “Apple” should be banned by law

After the senior government officials’ remarks, pro-China media and groups also launched a “sniping” campaign on Friday. The Ta Kung Pao commented that “some media still make use of their so-called ‘fourth power’ status to collude with foreign forces and ‘incite violence and falsification'”.

In addition, the pro-China social activist Fu Zhenzhong again set up to support the Chinese organization, this time for the “Apple fake news and toxic news monitoring group”, representatives went to the Legal Center on Thursday to petition for the prosecution of the Apple Daily newspaper in February this year, alleged contempt of court content.

Apple employees: see walking steps hope to persist until the end

The face of “Apple” in such a situation, or the opportunity to be charged with “Hong Kong State Security Law”. A “Apple” Hong Kong news frontline reporter Mr. C (pseudonym) pointed out to this station that “Apple” this moment has not yet reached the end, because for the time being can still adhere to the post reporting, attending the Hong Kong government to remember the move. However, seeing the left media sniping and criticized by Deng Bingqiang without naming him, it is expected that the Beijing authorities are ready to take action to sanction. He said that journalists are ordinary people, and there are also people who want to leave Hong Kong. Even if the regime does not listen to public opinion, it is difficult to change the policy to promote and some discouragement, but still stay low, is to give everyone hope, Hong Kong still has a voice against unreasonable things.

Mr. C said: Maybe one day someone because we write some articles today, to record certain unfair events, and then he towards they can then take these articles out as a proof to disprove certain things, to question some unfair system, but there are more people, readers and the public understand. I think we all just want to do this, because in fact, what we write has not changed the current system, we may want to be historical officers, write something that will be useful in the future.

Another, who did not want to be named, in the “Apple Daily” management pointed out to this station, has been interviewing risk is quite large, in the face of pro-China camp, even Deng Bingqiang are openly criticized, whether to feel the end, he bluntly said “to come always will come”, now can only continue to “see walking step, hope to persist until the end “.

The University of Hong Kong Journalism and Media Research Center Associate Professor Fu Jing Hua interviewed by this station, according to the entire development of the vein, I believe the authorities will move to the entire Hong Kong media industry, “Apple” as such an influential media, must be one of the main targets.

Fu Jing Hua said: I do not know what means he will use to suppress, but he also have other means, including the government has now proposed to legislate on false information. I do not know how the legislation will be done, but it seems that the current vein will give the government a lot of power to decide what is false information, are given him the power to target some of the media he believes to have false information, have the power to do something, in addition to requiring it not to publish, and even do some action against the newspaper.

He continued that the authorities are now suppressing the influential media, thus silencing the other media and making it difficult to exercise the basic 4th power function.