Protesters set fire to former policewoman’s home, forcing her to flee late at night

A female police officer in Minnesota is suspected of mistaking a handgun for an electric gun, resulting in the death of a young black American shot. The incident triggered demonstrations in many parts of the United States, the female police officer involved has resigned and was charged with manslaughter. In the city where the incident occurred, protesters broke into the police station and set fire to it, and the former policewoman’s personal address was leaked on the Internet. Protesters went outside her apartment and set fire to it, causing the former policewoman and her husband to flee their apartment overnight.

The policewoman involved, Kim Potter, is suspected of mistaking a handgun for an electric gun and shooting a 20-year-old black man, Daunte Wright, during a chase that left him dead. Potter and Police Chief Tim Gannon resigned on Tuesday (13), and Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter on Wednesday (14).

The incident triggered demonstrations in Washington, D.C., New York City and other places, and there were demonstrations in Minneapolis for four consecutive nights. Because Porter’s personal address was posted on social media, demonstrators set fire to the police station and outside her home Tuesday night, forcing Porter and her husband, who was the local police chief, to flee their home overnight.

The demonstrators painted graffiti on the exterior of the building and set fire to the outside, filling the street with smoke. Protesters gathered in the city’s Brooklyn Center neighborhood threw glass bottles and other debris into police headquarters. At one point, police used tear gas, flashbangs and other non-lethal weapons to disperse the protesters, who used umbrellas and other cover. Police arrested more than 60 people for rioting and other charges during Tuesday night’s demonstration.

It is reported that Wright has a son of nearly two years old. Porter shooting location, and then triggered the United States across the BLM demonstration of Floyd (George Floyd) kneeling death, the location of the incident is not far away.