Fully vaccinated 142 people in Houston re-infected with the virus

Health experts in Texas have confirmed that more than 140 people in Houston have tested positive for the Chinese Communist virus more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus).

According to the Houston Chronicle, data provided by the Houston Health Department shows that 142 Houstonians, or 0.02 percent of the total number of residents fully vaccinated, were infected with the CCP virus after being fully vaccinated.

The data on so-called vaccine breakthrough cases (VBC) date back to January, when the first group of vaccinees received the full vaccination. Vaccine breakthrough cases are cases of COVID-19 infection that occur two weeks after people have been fully vaccinated.

The CCP virus, also commonly referred to as a novel coronavirus, emerged in China in late 2019.

Dr. David Persse, the city’s chief medical officer, said it is “not surprising” that residents have been infected after being fully vaccinated, because vaccination does not provide 100 percent immunity.

The vaccine is no different than any other vaccine in that it gives you a certain level of protection, but no vaccine is 100 percent effective,” Persse said.

“While hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated, in a community where there is still transmission of the virus, it is not something to make a fuss about a few people being infected.”

Of the Houston residents who tested positive again after being vaccinated, none required hospitalization, Pels said. He said vaccinated people often have very mild symptoms compared to unvaccinated people.

The so-called “complete vaccination” mentioned above refers to people who received two doses of the vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech. A third option is the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is currently suspended in the U.S. after reports of rare blood clots in vaccinated individuals.

Pfizer’s vaccine, according to the U.S. drug regulator, is 95 percent effective in preventing C.C.V. infections. In clinical trials, the Moderna vaccine was 94.1% effective, compared to 66.9% for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. This percentage is the effectiveness rate within two weeks of the last vaccination.

A number of U.S. states, including Idaho, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina and Washington, have recently found that some fully vaccinated Americans have developed similar infections with the CCP virus.

Data from Michigan show that 246 residents tested positive for COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Virus) more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (MDDHS) told The Epoch Times via email that 11 of the residents have been hospitalized and three have died. Those who died were all 65 years old or older.

In Washington state, local authorities revealed on March 31 that more than 100 people tested positive for the CCP virus after being fully vaccinated. Of those infected after receiving the vaccination, eight required hospitalization and two have died. All were infected with the virus more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated.

Washington State Health Secretary Umair Shah said in a statement, “The evidence found of vaccine breakthrough cases reminds us that even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash your hands to prevent spreading COVID-19 to others who have not been vaccinated. “

Anthony Fauci, PhD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told reporters at a virtual briefing last week that the number of so-called breakthrough cases of COVID-19 The number of so-called breakthrough cases of COVID-19 is not a cause for concern,” Fauci said.

I think it’s important to look at what the denominator of the vaccinated population is, because it’s very possible – and we’ve heard this at least indirectly, and we’ll certainly confirm it – that those who develop breakthrough infections in numbers that are not contradictory to the 90%-plus effectiveness of the vaccine. So, I don’t think there’s any need to be concerned about a change in the efficacy of the vaccine.”