Creating new and greater wonders to impress the world

On October 14, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ), reviewing the five historic leaps and bounds made in the 40 years since the establishment of the SEZ, and summarizing the 10 valuable experiences in the construction of the SEZ with Chinese characteristics, thus pointing out the way forward and providing a fundamental guideline for promoting reform and opening up from a higher starting point, and demonstrating to the world China’s unswerving determination to expand its opening-up on all fronts, promote the building of an open world economy and promote the building of a community of human destiny.

The new era is an era of strivers. We are about to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country and march towards the goal of the second century. Standing at a new historical starting point, we must resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, unswervingly carry out the new development concept, deepen reform in keeping with the times, open up and expand the country’s economy, emancipate our minds and forge ahead, continue to push forward reform and opening up in the new era, and contribute to the realization of the goals of the “two centuries” and the “two centuries”. We are striving relentlessly for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In the past 40 years, the builders of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) have been braving thorns and thorns, daring to try, daring to be pioneers, and leading the breakthrough of reform with their ideas, which has pushed China to realize the great historical transition from closed and semi-closed to all-round openness. Today, the world is experiencing a big change that has not occurred in a century, the global pandemic of neocon pneumonia has accelerated the evolution of this big change, economic globalization has experienced a backlash, protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise, the world economy is in the doldrums, international trade and investment are shrinking significantly, the international economic, scientific and technological, cultural, security, political and other patterns are undergoing profound adjustments, the world has entered a period of turmoil and change, and the external environment for China’s development is becoming increasingly severe. The process of development is complex. In the face of the difficulties and challenges in the development process, we should further carry forward the spirit of “breakthrough” when the special economic zone was opened up, actively respond to challenges, actively seize opportunities, deepen reform and opening-up, give full play to the advantages of China’s institutional system and the effectiveness of governance, and strive to create new opportunities in the crisis, open new horizons in the changing situation and break through a new world of development.

Always maintain the vigor of “innovation”. Innovation is the first driving force leading development. Shenzhen has taken the lead in reforming its market-oriented economic system, creating more than 1,000 reform initiatives in the past 40 years, which has greatly promoted the liberation and development of social productivity and accumulated valuable experience in reform, opening up and innovative development. Shenzhen’s practice fully illustrates that innovation is fundamental to meeting challenges, and innovation is also most important in breaking new ground. At present, China’s economic development from factor-driven to innovation-driven transformation needs more urgent, facing core components, high-end chips, key industrial software and other areas of “stuck” more prominent. To solve this series of problems, innovation is the only way out. During the “fourteenth five-year plan” period, not only should we unswervingly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, cultivate new kinetic energy, aim at key core technologies to speed up research and development, but also put institutional and governance capacity building in a more prominent position, promote more mature and more stereotyped systems in all aspects, continue to deepen the reform of institutions and mechanisms in various fields, and continue to improve the quality of life in the reform and renewal of the old. Open up a brighter future.

Always keep the “dry” style. The great dream cannot be waited for or shouted for; it can only be fought and worked for. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, “The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can never be achieved with ease or by beating gongs and drums.” Shenzhen has taken 40 years to go through the course that some foreign international metropolises have taken in the past hundred years, inseparable from the vigorous drive to open up roads and build bridges in encounters, as well as the courageous resolution to grasp iron and leave marks on stones. The successful practice of Shenzhen and other special economic zones fully proves that there can be no complacency, complacency, indecision or wandering in the deepening of reform and opening-up. We must always maintain a stance of struggle, maintain historical patience and strategic stability, both planning for the long term and dry in the present, and constantly improve political capacity, investigation and research capacity, scientific decision-making capacity, reform and hardening capacity, emergency response capacity, the ability to work the masses, the ability to grasp the implementation, and actively engage in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, a blueprint to the end, one stubble after another, with a solid style, extraordinary, and the ability to work for the future. of performance, and strive to create new and greater miracles that will impress the world.

People’s Daily (23 October 2020, 09 edition)