China Telecom’s Hunan network is completely paralyzed Internet rumors that telecommunications once replied to “foreign hackers DDOS flood attack” official denial

A netizen in Hunan Province posted at 4 p.m. on the 13th that the local China Telecom network was down, 4G and WiFi were unavailable, and calls could not be made.

Subsequently, a screenshot circulated on the Internet shows that “received a notice from Telecom: the entire Hunan Province, Telecom, Unicom, mobile fixed-line network all intermittently paralyzed. The reply given by the telecom is a DDOS flood attack by foreign hackers”. Later, a staff member of Hunan Telecom said that the above screenshot was true.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Hunan provincial communications management said, “After preliminary investigation, from 16:02 to 16:13 on April 13, due to the failure of the transmission cable in Changsha, Hunan, congestion occurred at the Internet exit of Hunan, not a network attack”.

In the previous, the screenshot shows that the entire Hunan Province, three telecommunications providers of fixed-line network all intermittently paralyzed after receiving notification from China Telecom. The reply given by the telecom was a DDOS flood attack by foreign hackers, resulting in blockage of the total exit and entrance. Hackers may continue to attack, telecom is working hard to solve, restore stability may take time, please be patient.

Then a maintenance staff of Hunan Telecom told the Chinese media “Jiupai News” that the system is currently being upgraded and will return to normal after a while, while the notice circulated on the Internet is indeed issued by the company and the content is true.

The incident has triggered many Hunan netizens to speak out, have said: “No wonder my has been no network”, “I thought my phone owes a fee”, “so I’m not the only one”.

As of 5:10 p.m., the surging news contacted Hunan Telecom customer service phone, heard voice prompts that “before the sudden network failure, now restored, you can restart the device after use, please understand”. Telecom manual customer service said that the failure occurred in the Hunan area network system maintenance process, resulting in broadband and cell phone network is not available, but less than 15 minutes later, the system gradually restored.

Hunan China Telecom once gave netizens a reply to the “foreign hackers DDOS flood attack”. (Sina Weibo photo)