Jack Ma knew he had no good end Cai Xia revealed the dark secret

Combined with six years of turmoil in China’s financial sector, it appears that there is more alarming inside information behind Jack Ma’s purge, which may trigger a major change in China. (Photo credit: Associated Press)

After Ant Group’s IPO was called off last year, Jack Ma’s companies have been frequently purged, and recently Alibaba was fined 18.228 billion yuan by authorities for monopolizing. And the matter does not appear to be closed. The fate of Chinese entrepreneurs is once again a hot topic of discussion. Jack Ma’s prophetic assertions about the fate of Chinese entrepreneurs have also attracted attention. Cai Xia, a former professor at the Central Party School, has revealed what he knows about the Chinese Communist Party’s shady practices.

On April 12, Tuomao Media cited Ma’s comment that none of China’s entrepreneurs would end well. The media outlet commented in a Twitter post that Ma’s words in a speech to private entrepreneurs in 2013 seemed to foresee today.

Reading the information released by the Chinese Communist Party’s official crackdown, it is clear that Ma is considered by the authorities not only an “unscrupulous entrepreneur”, but also a capitalist with political ambitions, using capital to infiltrate the political sphere and control the discourse of public opinion.

Cai Xia, a former professor at the Central Party School in the United States, tweeted the following comment on this issue.

“This morning, I read a domestic article exposing the inside story of Ant Financial, but it did not mention that the Chinese Communist Party’s powerful elites are using finance to fight for power and profit; it did not talk about the impact of Ant Financial on the monopoly of power on finance and profiteering; it exposed the names of the capital companies investing in Ant Financial, but it did not talk about whether they are the white gloves of the powerful elites. There is no fairness and justice in a so-called market that does not protect the safety of legitimate private property and has no transparency in the so-called rule of law. Private entrepreneurs are lambs to the slaughter.”

“Systemic evil is fundamental. The totalitarian system forces private enterprises to defect to power, and most of the private enterprises that can make it big have close relations with government officials. Sun Dawu, who fought on his own and did not collude with power, has been suppressed and harassed by the authorities for years, and now he has been arrested and imprisoned. There is no legal and safe institutional environment for private enterprises in mainland China, or they are forced to die by arbitrary expropriation, or they are arrested by officials who are jealous of their property and fabricate charges; or they are first double-registered in the name of anti-corruption, and there are too many such examples.”

“In 2013, the Chinese Communist Party’s so-called comprehensive deepening reform program was introduced, and private entrepreneurs jumped at the chance to think that participation in state-owned enterprises to engage in mixed business was another round of investment windfall. At that time, some private entrepreneurs met for dinner and asked me to share my views. I said: cover your money tightly do not fall for it, your money has no return. They did not believe me and questioned how I could say that. I replied: you look at the second and third part of the program and see the promise, I look at the fifth, sixth and seventh part of the program and break out in a cold sweat.”

“A promise without safeguards is a bait and switch. Fair market entry and fair competition require transparency and rule of law, deeper political reform, and separation of powers and checks and balances. But the comprehensive deepening reform program five, six, seven parts do not have these measures, but instead is to increase the online monitoring of speech, the surveillance of the community’s grid-based doorway measures written into the resolution, not only to continue the Zhou Yongkang period stability measures, but also crowned by the name of reform legalized, so to remind cover tight wallet.”

“in 2014 in tianjin to participate in a group of private entrepreneurs gathering, I reminded again, still no one believe. in the summer of 2018, tianjin a private entrepreneurs told me that they regret, at first do not believe my words, now the money and people are difficult to go out. A few private entrepreneurs individually sought my private chat, for two years in a row, once or twice a year with me privately. 2016 they took their capital and went overseas to start up again, and sent me a private message to tell me after everything was well. It was a wise choice, and I celebrate them.”

“I know of a private entrepreneur who was bidding for a land site, not knowing that the site had already been looked at by a provincial official who was in the central government and that the bid was just a formality. The private entrepreneur was unaware that he had directly bid for the land, and then the private entrepreneur was imprisoned by the prosecutor’s office for three years, and his multi-billion dollar business was confiscated, and his old mother died of shock. In the three years, the prosecutor’s office investigated all, could not be convicted, had to be released. When released, the prosecutor’s office did not even give a written formality, which is equivalent to being imprisoned for three years without leaving a trace.”

“The private entrepreneurs came to me through my high school classmates and asked me to pass the material to the CCDI. I told the situation to the CDC personnel, the answer there is that there are too many such things, he this thing does not rank ah!”

In the case of Ma, some netizens also followed up with comments saying.

“Doing dirty work will always wear gloves, is the glove sooner or later will get dirty. Ma Lang talent high eight buckets, eventually a puppet. Jianglang talent twilight drum, defeat in the Lord.”

“Ma Yun should say the Chinese Communist Party’s entrepreneur is right!”

“Ma did not end well, who will be the next one who cannot end well?”

At present, the Chinese Communist Party’s “hunt” for Jack Ma is not over. On April 12, the Communist Party’s central bank, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Foreign Exchange Bureau and four other financial authorities jointly interviewed Ant Group again.