China’s Communist Party criticizes forced vaccination for alleged “acting” and officials acknowledge and then deny the ineffectiveness of vaccines

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has forced the Chinese people to be vaccinated with the allegedly low-quality domestic CPC virus vaccine, sparking public criticism. Beijing officials recently criticized local officials for forcing vaccinations, and were accused of making a stance to deceive public opinion. In addition, CCP officials publicly admitted that the domestic vaccine is ineffective, but quickly denied it.

Mi Feng, a spokesman for the Communist Party’s National Health Commission, claimed at a press conference on Sunday (11) that “individual places have been simplistic and even sweeping in their vaccination work, mandating full vaccination, which must be firmly corrected.”

In response, some Chinese media reported this with headlines such as “Beijing calls off mandatory vaccinations.” However, Radio Free Asia quoted Beijing residents as commenting that such statements by the authorities are only for foreign media.

Ms. Li, a resident of Beijing’s Daxing district, said that after the authorities’ forced vaccination was exposed in the foreign media, Beijing authorities have relaxed a bit, as local officials no longer force residents to take vaccinations and police posts at the entrance of the market have been removed. However, she said that the policy at some of the authorities’ compounds in Beijing has not changed and that they are not allowed to work without vaccination. She also said that those under 60 are still required to be vaccinated, and that not getting vaccinated is still not an option.

Recently, the Communist Party’s official media has been unified in promoting vaccination, and local governments have made vaccination a political task, offering eggs, flour, shopping coupons and even cash as incentives, or forcing people to receive domestic vaccines by using the “five no-no’s”, but news has come to light that the percentage of vaccination among Communist Party officials is extremely low. The public has ridiculed that domestic vaccines have become a “special offer” for the people, and the authorities have made the grassroots serve as “guinea pigs”.

It is suspected that this nationwide uniform action may be the will of the highest authorities. The root cause of the local government’s forced vaccination is the vaccination target set by the authorities.

China’s domestic vaccines have been accused of being ineffective and their safety has been questioned.

On Saturday, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the “National Conference on Vaccines and Health” in Chengdu, Sichuan province, that the new domestic vaccines have shortcomings and are not very protective, and suggested mixing vaccines to improve their effectiveness. This was reported by several media outlets.

The following day, the party media Global Times quoted Gao Fu as saying, “This is a total misunderstanding. Gao claimed that the intent of his talk was simply to present a “future scientific thinking” in the context of the global discussion on the efficiency of vaccine protection.

A resident of Jiangsu province told Radio Free Asia that there are people who are skeptical of the Chinese communist virus vaccine, whether it is domestic or imported. In China, however, the authorities do not allow these doubts to be made public.