Lai Chi-ying : “The situation in Hong Kong is becoming more and more chilling, all the more reason to love and cherish oneself”

After being imprisoned for more than four months without trial, One Media founder Lai Chi-ying wrote a personal letter home to Apple Daily staff on April 3.

He mentioned that he was reading books, chanting, praying and doing exercises every day, and everything was peaceful and calm. Except for missing his family when a little down, mood is happy, eat well and sleep well.

He said, “I am touched by the support and love of my colleagues, and I would like to thank them for me.

When talking about his colleagues at Apple Daily, he described freedom of speech as a dangerous job, and that colleagues should be extra careful to pay attention to their own safety and not to take risks.

He said in his letter, “It is our responsibility as journalists to uphold justice. As long as we are not blinded by the temptation of injustice and do not allow evil to succeed through us, we have done our duty.

For the situation in Hong Kong, Lai Chi-ying pointed out that the situation in Hong Kong is increasingly chilling, more self-love and cherish, he repeatedly urged colleagues to take care: “the times are both down in front of us, it is more time for us to stand tall”.