Live-action prototype of Disney’s animated ‘Snow White’ dies at age 101

According to foreign media reports, the famous dancer, the live prototype of the classic Disney animation “Snow White” as the protagonist of the prototype, Maggie Chiampion, died at the age of 101. Champion was 14 years old when she successfully auditioned for Disney’s first feature film “Snow White”, and her movements became the prototype for Disney animators to portray Snow White, with an emphasis on “grace”, and her dance steps were not choreographed, but played out on her own while on set for the artists’ reference.

Born to veteran Hollywood choreographer Ernest Belcher, Champion grew up to work on films such as “Mr. Music,” “Beautiful,” “Show Boat,” “Beggar’s Holiday,” “Queen of the Stardust Ballroom,” and “The Stardust Ballroom,” among others. Choreographer and dancer for TV shows and Broadway musicals. Including, her movements have inspired the character and movement creations of other Disney animations such as Pinocchio and Fantasia.