Ireland or Britain’s “no-deal Brexit” biggest loser

Central Bank of Ireland governor Gabriel Mahlouf said, if the United Kingdom “no deal” from the European Union, Ireland may become the euro zone in the country with the greatest negative impact.

The British “Financial Times” on the 22nd, citing Mahlouf reported that the new crown epidemic continues, the United Kingdom “no deal Brexit” will make Ireland suffered a “double whammy”. The new tariff will make Ireland’s agriculture and food industry suffer the most serious impact. It’s a good idea to get a good deal more than just a few of these.

In the long run, Mahlouf also predicted that the European financial center will shift from London, England, Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, Germany, Paris, France, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will usher in opportunities.

EU member states Ireland and the British Northern Ireland are located in the island of Ireland. British and Irish border region can avoid “hard border”, namely the restoration of physical customs and border control facilities, has been the United Kingdom “Brexit” a major difficulty. The British Prime Minister’s Office announced on the 21st, the United Kingdom and the European Union future relationship negotiations restarted on the 22nd, but do not rule out the possibility that the two sides can not reach an agreement.

The United Kingdom on January 31 this year, officially “Brexit”, then enter a period of 11 months of transition period. If the transition period Britain and Europe did not reach a trade agreement, the two sides of trade since 2021 will return to the framework of the World Trade Organization, re-implementation of border checks and tariffs.