Compared to A-shares, Hong Kong stocks currently have the following advantages

Hong Kong stocks currently have the following advantages over A-shares.

  1. Hong Kong stocks include leading Chinese technology companies in high quality sub-sectors, such as domestic Internet and software, new energy and photovoltaic, intelligent manufacturing, etc. At the same time, Hong Kong stocks also include Hong Kong and foreign companies that are highly related to the theme of technological innovation, which are scarce in the A-share market and complement the advantages of A-share.

2, Hong Kong stocks are also attractive in terms of valuation, discounted premium of A H shares, dividend yield and so on. From a cost-effective point of view, the current growth stocks and value stocks in Hong Kong stocks valuation advantage is very obvious, most of the quality of the company is very cost-effective. And different from A shares and U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks valuation in recent years has not significantly improved, with the continued inflow of funds from the south and the return of overseas funds, Hong Kong stocks are expected to be significantly improved valuation.

3, the successive return of Chinese stocks has brought quality targets to Hong Kong stocks, enhance market activity. In June this year, NetEase and Jingdong have returned to Hong Kong, followed by other Chinese stocks are expected to prepare to return. The return of Chinese stocks will bring business to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the one hand, and bring high quality targets to Hong Kong stocks on the other, enhancing market activity.
Specifically in the technology industry segments, I am currently more optimistic about photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, the Internet, domestic software, semiconductors, Apple industrial chain.