Admits penlight belongs to him, Hunt grilled by NewPost on multiple issues

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter finally admitted publicly on April 2 that he owns the computer that triggered “penlightgate” during the 2020 election. The New York Post, which was the first to report the news, then published an editorial urging Hunter to join his father in answering some of the questions they had asked since last year’s election, but which Biden and his son had avoided answering.

Hunt admitted on Feb. 2 that the laptop caught in the laptop door was his, but refused to acknowledge that he had forgotten it in a Delaware computer repair store. He said, “That computer could have been stolen from me by someone else, I could have been hacked, or it could have been done by Russian intelligence.”

In an editorial, the New York Post wrote that they interviewed John Isaac, the owner of the repair store that serviced Hunter’s computer, when they reported the story last year, and Isaac indicated that the laptop was forgotten by Hunter in his store. The New York Post cross-referenced the dates and contents of some of the emails on that computer and reviewed thousands of photos on Biden’s computer’s hard drive before announcing in the story that the computer left in the Delaware computer repair store was Hunter’s.

However, the Biden campaign in 2020 called the news a “conspiracy theory” and a “smear campaign,” and vaguely suggested that Hunter’s computer may have been hacked. The U.S. mainstream media, which has always been wary of politicians changing the subject in the face of important allegations and avoiding the seriousness of the matter, also paradoxically avoided the issue this time by saying “the news is not confirmed. While the owner of the computer repair store confirmed the news in several media outlets and Twitter blocked the New York Post’s Twitter account according to the Democrats, Hunter finally admitted publicly on April 2 that the computer belonged to him.

Here are the questions the New York Post asked Hunter, who admitted to being the owner of the laptop, to answer, and the questions Hunter and the Biden camp have been avoiding during the 2020 election.

Did you have plans to get involved with your father in that huge Chinese investment fund business? How long has Joe been involved?
Tony Bobulinski said he had met with Joe about it, and Joe told Bobulinski in that meeting that he would get involved in the business to take care of his family. Did Bobulinski lie?
An email at the time said that Hunter held 20 percent of the investment, your uncle (Biden’s brother) James held 10 percent, and you were holding the other 10 percent for a “big shot” – was that big shot Joe?
Why did the Communist Party of China’s Ye Jianming give you that big diamond ring. How long did he pay you? What did you do for him?
In your email, an official from the Ukrainian oil company Burisma JSC thanked you for introducing him to your father, and the Biden campaign says there was no official meeting between them. So, was that meeting unofficial? How much did you and your father discuss at that time what you were doing out there?