Baltimore no longer prosecutes drug use, prostitution, etc. What constitutes a crime?

This follows a year-long experiment by Mosby’s office to not prosecute misdemeanors, aimed at reducing the spread of the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in prisons.

In an official press release, Mosby said: Today, America’s war on drug addicts ends in Baltimore City as we abandon the era of tough-on-crime prosecutions and zero tolerance and stop defaulting to the status quo – criminalizing most drug users of color.

The plan is to not prosecute people arrested for minor crimes like prostitution and public urination, to treat these crimes as public health issues, and to work with community partners to help find solutions. The program will reduce Baltimore’s overall incarcerated population by 18 percent, while violent crimes and property crimes drop by 20 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

Mosby said her office will no longer prosecute the following crimes: possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open capacity violations, and urinating and defecating in public places. The city plans to refocus enforcement on the more serious crimes that plague the city.