Qingming Festival is coming “no place to die” plagued the country

Wuhan residents visit the Bian Tan Shan cemetery to pay tribute to their deceased relatives and friends on Feb. 12, 2021.

In mainland China, the traditional concept is that a person should be buried in the ground after death, so buying a grave is as important a life event as buying a house. As the number of people visiting cemeteries increases during the Qingming holiday, the price of cemeteries, which is more expensive every year, has started to stimulate people’s nerves again.

The New Beijing News reported on April 1 that a set of double cemeteries with monuments at the Tianshou Cemetery in Changping, Beijing, started at 429,800 yuan. The cemetery’s sales staff said that in recent years, cemetery prices have continued to rise, with an average annual increase of more than 10%.

The sales staff of Shanghai Supreme Garden said that the price of graves “like housing prices, has been rising.” Park cemetery minimum offer of 110,000 yuan, the rest of the cemetery price “uncapped”, “more than 100,000, more than 200,000, more than 300,000, more than 1 million more than 2 million are available.”

Sales staff said the park’s highest-priced cemetery, covering an area of 5 square meters, the unit price per square meter up to 200,000 yuan.

In the face of sky-high cemetery prices, many Beijing residents have no choice but to choose some relatively cheaper cemeteries in Hebei Province. After death, they have to be buried in other cities, which makes many people’s heart very uncomfortable. Netizens have lamented that “it is not easy to live in Beijing, and it is difficult to die; live in Beijing, buried in Hebei”.

In fact, not only the cemetery prices in Beijing, Shanghai, the country’s cemetery prices are on the rise. “Qingming Festival rain, a tomb price want to break the soul.” Netizens can not help but sigh, this is called “begging to live, begging to die. There is no place to die.”

In addition, according to a global funeral cost survey report released by the British life insurance agency SunLife in 2020, the highest proportion of annual income for funeral costs is Japan, and China ranks second in the world.

The findings show that the average funeral cost in Japan is about 200,000 yuan, or about 68 percent of the average annual salary of Japanese people; in China, the funeral cost is about 37,375 yuan, or about 45.4 percent of the average annual salary.