After returning to Hong Kong and lost 11 days, Li Yuxuan’s family finally got in touch with him

One of the defendants in the 12 Hong Kong people case, “Hong Kong Story” member Lee Yu-hin was returned to Hong Kong 11 days after the “mysterious disappearance”, his family finally know his whereabouts.

Since the “12 Hong Kong people” in the case of eight people released on March 22 this year, was escorted back to Hong Kong, only Lee Yu-hin’s family can not know his whereabouts, but also has been unable to visit him.

However, the social networking site page “Andy is Missing”, which was opened by Lee’s sister, concerned about Lee’s whereabouts, sent a message on April 2, saying that the family finally got in touch with Lee and thanked the outside world for their concern, but they needed more time to digest the information, without disclosing the details and Lee’s current condition.

Earlier, Lee’s family had repeatedly asked the Correctional Services Department headquarters, the police and other departments to inquire about Lee’s whereabouts without success. Hong Kong “Apple Daily” cited sources disclosed that Lee Yu-hin is being held in solitary confinement at the Siu Lam Psychiatric Treatment Center, and by the “mystery group” of correctional officers, the Correctional Services Department and the police refused to confirm the news.

In August last year, 12 Hong Kong people involved in the “anti-China” case tried to escape to Taiwan by speedboat, passing through the mainland waters when arrested by the Guangdong Marine Police. Eight of them were sentenced to seven months by the Shenzhen Yantian Court for “border-crossing,” and were released from prison on March 22 this year, repatriated in batches from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, where they were received by the Police National Security Division.